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National Day of Encouragement

Today at Private Home Health Care, we celebrate National Day of Encouragement. Encouragement is the action of giving someone support. On this day and every day, we hope you make a positive impact in someone else’s life. Say a few words to inspire a student, coworker, parent, friend, or sibling. A simple word or sentence could lift someone when they’re down and motivate them to accomplish their goals. Give someone a high five, write a card, or make a phone call. There are many ways to encourage others! Often, our seniors may feel down or depressed, thus it is so important to provide encouragement to them. Whether it be about going on a walk outside or eating vegetables, it is our job to encourage them. By lifting them up and providing encouragement, their attitudes can be improved.

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National Tell a Joke Day

Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?” Because every play has a cast. Today and everyday make sure to laugh! Make someone else laugh today by telling a funny joke. Not only is laughing fun, but it has been found to have health benefits as well. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. People often say laughing makes you live longer. Laughing relaxes the muscles in your body. It also triggers a release of endorphins, thus improving your overall mood. It even protects the heart. By laughing, the function of blood vessels is improved and blood flow is increased. Who knew that telling a funny joke could result in all these health benefits! Tell a funny joke today and everyday.

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Annual Book Lovers Day!

Today is annual Book Lovers Day! There are many benefits to
reading and many different types of books to read. Everyone can find something
they love to read whether it be non-fiction, romance, or a comedy. Reading a
book in comparison to a news article improves your focus and concentration.
Sitting down and isolating yourself from the rest of the world to invest
yourself in a novel can be difficult, but you will find that your focus and
concentration will improve. Reading has also been found to reduce stress and
improve your memory! According to Business Insider, frequent brain exercises,
like reading, decreases mental decline for the elderly by 32%. When reading,
you must remember the plot and all the characters in the novel. This is
creating new memories in your brain which means new synapses are being created
and old ones are being strengthened. Reading is an excellent way to educate
oneself. It is important to read about health and nutrition. It can provide
very valuable facts that could help you change your lifestyle!

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Being Prepared for the Future

Our hearts go out to all the families that have been
affected by violent shootings. It is heartbreaking to hear how often these
shootings occur. In the world we live in today, it is very important that we share
our last wishes and keep a will. Last wishes can be exchanged between friends
and family. Never be afraid to share your wishes. Your friends and family will want
to hear them, even if they say otherwise. Unfortunately, we never know what
will happen when we step outside or what will happen to our health. Our lives
are still unwritten. Of course, we deny thinking about that part of our lives,
but it is still important to be prepared. Therefore, it is important to have a
will written or at least talk about your last wishes. Having a written will can
minimize any discussions between relatives after one passes. It makes it easier
for friends and family to truly know what you want.

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More on Fruits and Veggies!

There is remarkable evidence showing that by adding fruits
and vegetables to your daily diet, you can help prevent diseases and cancer. Cancer
cells can form as a result of a mutation in the cell. Unfortunately when a
cancerous cell forms, it does not stop growing. It does not act like a normal
cell. It ignores signals from the body and rapidly divides. Eventually, the cells
could form a lump of cells known as a tumor. Thus, it is very important to try
to eat many servings of fruits and vegetables a day. According to a study done
at Imperial College London, eating more than five portions of fruits and
vegetables a day greatly reduces the chance of heart attack, stroke, cancer,
and early death. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology
suggests that 7.8 million premature deaths could be prevented annually if
everyone ate roughly ten portions a day. Therefore, it is very important to add
fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Also, it is very important that you
wash the fruits and vegetables carefully. By washing them, you are removing
dirt, bacteria, and dangerous pesticides that could have contaminated the
fruits and veggies. By using Juice Plus+, it is an easy way to ensure that you
are getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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National Father-In-Law Day

Today is National Father-In-Law Day!! Make sure to dedicate some time to your father-in-law. Parents play a huge role in mending your spouse into who they are today. Let your father-in-law know you care by asking to do something with him. You could go on a walk or go get a scoop of ice cream! Whatever you choose to do, stay engaged. Doing an activity with himwill not only make him happy but also improve your health! So get outside and enjoy a nice day with your father-in-law!

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Last Wishes

Making your last wishes known no matter what age you are is important. Of course, it is vital to live in the moment, but it is also important to prepare for the future. You never know what the future holds. According to a 1991 Gallup poll, 75% of Americans feel advance directives are a good idea, yet only 20% actually complete them. By preparing an advance directive ahead of time, you can make sure your decisions are thoughtful and the right decisions.

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How to Alleviate Pain

Finding methods to alleviate pain is very important. When a person feels pain, they may be much more unlikely to exercise or keep moving. This is very harmful for the body as exercise and movement are vital. Pain could also result in moodiness. A possible option for pain alleviation is CBD. Many people are quite skeptical of CBD, but it is a great pain reliever.

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. CBD consists of several health benefits. It interacts with receptors that send signals to wake up and strengthen the immune system naturally. There are many ways to add CBD to your life. There are CBD oils that you can drop under the tongue. You can also inhale and exhale the vapor produced by a vaporizer. You can eat CBD edibles as food or another substance into the body by swallowing. There is also a topical CBD cream that you can apply directly onto your skin. All of these options will help alleviate pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

There are also alternative homeopathic methods including acupuncture, auriculotherapy, reflexology, and reiki.

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Success Starts With Positivity

Your mind is like a computer. Everyday you take in all new types of information, some that could be beneficial and others that could be harmful. This information could soon become good or bad memories. Just like a computer, you must program your mind for success. If you tell yourself you will succeed, you will. If you tell yourself you will fail, you will fail. In order to achieve success, you must remove all the negative memories in your mind with positive ones.

Steps to removing negative memories:

  1. Identify the negative thought that causes your unhappiness
  2. Release the thought
  3. Replace it with positive thoughts
  4. Repeat these positive thoughts in the form of affirmations frequently until you achieve your goal

In short terms: identify, release, replace, and repeat.

A great way to remember positive thoughts is to keep a journal. Everyday, you should write at least two things for which you are grateful.

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