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Kindness and Well Being

Kindness and Well Being

Kindness: good for your mind, good for your body! Make sure to be kind to yourself!

Practicing kindness is beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Many physical and mental health conditions are caused or aggravated by stress, and kindness reduces stress.

When you are in a positive mood from practicing kindness, your blood pressure is lower, your immune system is stronger, and it can even reduce your ability to feel pain.

When you practice acts of kindness, it releases hormones that improve your mood and well being! It is so effective that it is being formally incorporated into types of psychotherapy.

Kindness is most beneficial when it is a regular practice – you become more aware of it, and it becomes a habit, which may inspire others to be more kind as well. When you share kindness you have no idea how far the ripple will go.

Private Home Care encourages everyone to add more kindness to your life – to others and yourself!

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Almonds are a Superfood!

Almonds are a Superfood!

Yesterday was National Almond Day! They are a nutritional SUPERFOOD and you gain all of the benefits from almonds from eating about a handful (1 oz) a day. Almonds are technically seeds and not nuts. 

Almonds are a great go-to snack and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways such as salty, savory, and sweet! Private Home Care snacks on almonds daily, it gives us energy to provide the very best care for you and your loved ones!

Health Benefits of Almonds:

Lowers overall cholesterol levels – Almonds are high in unsaturated fat and the American Heart Associate recommends that in moderation unsaturated fats may improve a person’s blood cholesterol status. Vitamin E found in almonds is an antioxidant that can help stop the oxidation process that causes cholesterol to clog the arteries.

Decreases cancer risk – Especially breast cancer.

Reduces risk of heart disease – Scientists found that almonds significantly increased the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream, reduced blood pressure, and improved blood flow.

High in Vitamin E – Vitamin E and other antioxidants help prevent oxidative damage in the body. This damage may occur when too many free radicals accumulate.

“Free radicals result from natural bodily processes and environmental stresses. The body can eliminate many of them, but dietary antioxidants help remove them, too. High levels of free radicals can cause oxidative stress resulting in damage to cells. This can lead to various diseases and health problems.” – Yvette Brazier on December 1, 2013

There is even a link between higher vitamin E intake with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Decrease risk of obesity – Almonds may help manage weight because they are low on carbohydrates but high in protein, healthy fats and fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer.  

Stabilize blood sugar for diabetics – Almonds are high in magnesium and scientists have found that there is a link between low magnesium levels and insulin resistance. 

Almonds increase bone health – Almonds contain calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, protein, and zinc, which all contribute to bone health. 

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Heart Health and Almonds

Almonds are a nutritional #SUPERFOOD, especially for heart health. February is #AmericanHeartMonth and yesterday was #NationalAlmondDay. Coincidence? We think not.

Private Home Care snacks on almonds daily, it gives us energy to provide the very best care for you and your loved ones!

Almonds are a great go-to snack and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways such as salty, savory, and sweet!

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Random Act of Kindness Day

February 17th is National Random Act of Kindness Day.

Kindness explained – Kindness is one of the only things that doubles when you share it!

Kindness is free and can just take a moment,such as opening a door for someone behind you or giving a genuine smile to a stranger.

Private Home Care celebrates and promotes kindness for a happier, healthier world. Each and every one of us has kindness to give, and deserves kindness in return. What is your random act of kindness for today?


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Private Home Health Care. Did you know that there are many health benefits of love?

  1. Increases positive emotions. Love releases feel-good chemicals in the brain such as oxytocin and dopamine. Love feels great – people love to love!
  2. Better immune system – Humans are wired to form close relationships and bonds, and when that doesn’t happen biological systems can get overwhelmed. 
  3. Less depression and substance abuse – social isolation is linked to depression and substance abuse, and having a loving relationship reduces that.
  4. Lower blood pressure – studies have found that happily married people have the best blood pressure.
  5. Less anxiety – Having strong social supports helps ease anxiety.
  6. Natural pain control – studies have found that ‘kissing a booboo’ actually helps, touch from loved ones reduces levels of perceived pain.
  7. Faster healing – A study at Ohio State gave participants blister wounds and found that the wounds of those happily married healed twice as fast!
  8. Better self care – Couples encourage each other to take care of themselves, eat better, go to the doctor and look after their own well being.
  9. Longer Life – People tend to live longer because they feel happier and connected.
  10. Happier Life – A study in the Journal of Family Psychology found that happiness depends more on the quality of family relationships and not on the level of income.

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The Key to Successful Hip Replacement

Dr. Brick is a leading orthopedic surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. He helped pioneer surgery techniques such as Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement, a less invasive procedure for hip replacements. New medical technology advancements have broadened hip replacement surgery as a more widespread operation and is now attracting patients from many different age groups. Most hip replacement surgeries still require weeks or months of care and rehabilitation. 

Special attention to your daily habits and living area during recovery (such as bending to tie shoes or making sure there is clear and easy access throughout the house) is required to ensure the best possible results. Over the years Private Home Care has cared for many clients who have undergone single and total hip replacement replacement surgeries. We are experts at caring for pre-op, post-op, and extended care. We are well known for our excellent cooperation and partnership with doctors. 

Private Home Care works with your medical professionals to come up with personalized care plans that our clients continue to use even after their recovery. We also assess the home for fall risk to ensure safety and well being. One of our goals is to make sure that your loved ones have the most successful recovery, and with decades of experience we are confident that we can provide the best care.

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Communicating through Art Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients

Communicating through Art Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients

Improved communication can be the most widespread and important benefit from art therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. Experts say that creative expression, especially for those who no longer have the ability to community verbally, ‘remains an important part of the human experience’.

As verbal language declines, patients can express themselves freely through art that they may not have otherwise been able to. Art therapy was found to be effective especially when treating emotional and behavioral challenges. It helps Alzheimer’s patients to express thoughts and feelings in a healthy way and let go of some negative emotions. Even if the person with Alzheimer’s cannot remember creating the art, they are creating meaning and enjoyable moments.

At Private Home Care we understand the obstacles and challenges of losing the ability to communicate for both the Alzheimer’s patient as well as for their family. We are here to educate, support, and take the best care of your loved ones. Art therapy may be a great tool to help!

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Compassion is at the Heart of Our Care

At Private Home Care we are very proud to say that “Compassion is at the Heart of Our Care”. Through 45 years of experience in the home care industry, we understand first hand how important compassion is for our clients and their families.

But what exactly is compassion? The word compassion can be defined as “the emotion that one feels in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help”. Compassion is similar to empathy in that they both require the ability to see and understand another’s suffering, but compassion goes a step further and prompts the yearning and motivation to alleviate suffering in others. 

Compassion has three parts: the emotion that one feels, which in response to the suffering of others, and which motivates a desire to help. 

Why is it important in healthcare? Until recently, the formal role of compassion in healthcare has been overlooked. Recent scientific studies confirm what Private Home Care has been practicing and known intuitively for decades: that compassion is crucial for positive outcomes in medical care and home care. Dr Stephen Trzeciak found evidence-based effects of the importance of compassion in healthcare.

What is the evidence?

  • Compassionate providers are more meticulous with care
  • Psychological benefits: compassion can help prevent or limit stress-mediated disease, and can help regulate the patients’ experience of pain
  • For diabetic patients: there is evidence that high levels of compassion can result in 80% higher odds of optimal blood sugar control!
  • Proven immune system effects: even with the common cold, patients who reported high levels of compassion from healthcare providers had decreased severity of symptoms and a faster recovery. 
  • Compassion helps ease anxiety and lower stress levels for not only the patient, but for their family as well! 
  • Compassion can even impact patient self-care! If patients feel that they are cared about, they more be more likely to take their medicine (!) and have more positive outlooks.
  • High levels of compassion towards patients or clients has been indicated to reduce hospitalizations. 
  • Stanford study found that you only need 40 seconds of compassion to make a meaningful difference 
  • For healthcare providers, compassion for others can have a positive effect on their own well being and encourage positive emotions!

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National Wear Red Day!

National Wear Red Day!

February is American Heart Month. Heart disease and stroke accounts for 1 in 3 deaths of women every year, claiming over 500,000 lives. The American Heart Association created National Wear Red Day on the first Friday in February to raise awareness of heart disease and in women. This is because in the past heart disease and stroke have typically been associated with men, so research and treatment guidelines have been for men as well. This has been detrimental to women because the risk factors and symptoms for heart disease can manifest differently in women. Private Home Care proudly wears red today to support National Wear Red Day in honor of women’s heart health. We support this movement and hope to empower women to take charge of their heart health!

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Cancer Prevention Tips!

Cancer Prevention Tips!

Did you know what more than 1/3 of all cancer cases are preventable?!

Top cancer institutes such as the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the World Cancer Research Fund International recommend these cancer prevention tips:

  • Engage in regular physical activity
  • Do not smoke or quit immediately
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat a nutrient-rich diet with plenty of healthy carbohydrates, lean unprocessed meats, fruits, and veggies
  • Limit intake of processed foods, especially those high in salt, fat, starches or sugar
  • Limit consumption of processed and red meats
  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Get regular checkups with your doctor
  • Wear sunscreen (even if it is not sunny outside!) and practice sun safety habits
  • Get immunized
  • Practice Safe Sex
  • Know your family health history

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