AAAAA Private Home Health Care


I want to thank everyone at Private Home Health Care for your kindness & compassion toward my mother.  I’m truly impressed with your agency and it has been a pleasure dealing with everyone. Mary, Rachael, Bonnie & Harry, Marie, and Rose have been exceptional caring for my mother.  I know they have been through some difficult times with my mother. I truly appreciate all their efforts & kindness.  I felt comfort knowing they were with my mother.   Mary, thank you again for insisting my mother’s need of evaluation of medicines.  If it wasn’t for you, her UTI wouldn’t have been detected and she would have continued to have problems.  Thank you, everyone. I will definitely call you again when we need your assistance. ~D. Pandolfo
Dear Mary: I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the care we have been receiving from your firm.  As you know, Regina is 91 and I’m 92 and require around the clock care at home.  We could not possibly have stayed in our house along without outside help and we would rather not be in a rest home. The people you have sent out are pleasant, smart and willing to help.  We feel safer and more comfortable when they are here!  Thank you again for many months of caring for us as if we were family. Sincerely ~Joe & Regina Reynolds
Private Home Health Care has been a help after some serious health issues and provides us with help to remain in our home.   Thank You. ~ Becky

Private Home Health Care has provided my 94 year old mother with 24-hour care on week days for 3 years.  I feel the aids are excellent in their attention to Mom’s health and needs.  They are kind, thoughtful and try hard to please.  If an aid does not work out with my mother, she is replaced quickly.  The aids work well with each other and are amazing how they work around sick kids, snow storms, unexpected family problems, etc. to always be there for Mom. Our family is very pleased with the high level of care Mom gets.  ~ Sue
Call Mary Demakes, She is an expert in the home care field, memory loss and dementia care. ~Dr. Pamela Sheridan, past board member, Alzheimer’s Association
I wanted to thank you so much for the fantastic care you gave my mother. You kept a warm smile through some tough times and were always caring and thoughtful.  It meant so much to Sheila and me. Also sending your son over the last morning with the most delicious Greek pastries was really wonderful of you.  She was really touched! Thank you for your constant kindness and professionalism.  With thanks and very warm regards. ~ Judy Cormier

As I reflect over getting Dad diagnosed in the hospital, gearing up to 24 hour care, then adding double duty in the morning and evening, and then relying on skilled care, I want to thank you and your excellent staff for all the help they gave my family, particularly Cal. From Alyson P’s managing the myriad of health issues popping up to Nancy who arrived for the first time very shortly before Dad died. I felt I could really rely on their professionalism with you you doing so much behind the scene. Thanks very much for all you did! ~ Sue


I just wanted to say thank you for sending me such fine caretakers. It was the same when my former husband needed someone.  You sent a fine young man to assist him until his health necessitated his need to go to a facility.  You have recently sent me a lovely young mother who is a gem!  She is self-motivated doing things she sees are needed that I had not mentioned. She is an asset to your organization – but then that is your record.  Thanks. ~ Gladys Carter


Mary Demakes and her team of caregivers have provided excellent services to a number of Curley Law Firm’s clients.  Our clients have given us glowing reports. These days it seems that everyone is claiming to operate a “home care agency” so it is imperative that families choose the right team for them.  From our standpoint, what sets Mary and her team apart from her competitors is:

(1) Expertise – Mary is a nurse so she is deeply familiar with the medical world.  She can attend doctor’s visits and go to hospitals and speak their language and advocate for her clients to ensure they get top-quality medical care.  Mary has over 30 years in the home care field so she is one of the most experienced providers out there.  

(2) Compassion – Mary and her team exhibit wonderful compassion to their clients and their families.  They strive to help clients age in place by improving their health and quality of life. 

(3) Capacity to serve – Mary and her team are available to serve their clients’ standard needs and emergency needs. 

This kind of availability is priceless. ~ Patrick Curley, Certified Elder Law Attorney, Curley Law Firm LLP – Wakefield, MA


I am so grateful for the support that Mary and the team gave us with Mom.  Mom had early Alzheimer’s which progressed while she was under the care of Mary and AAAA Private Home Care team.  They were there twice a day to help her not only with her medications but also provided companionship while keeping a professional eye on how Mom was doing with the disease.  When new challenges would present themselves Mary was always there to help the family adjust. Mom never felt what she was unable to be on her own as she wanted to be.  Mary had a way of making Mom feel very successful and special.  For the family it was such a relief that we knew Mom was safe and happy.  Mom has since moved to an assisted living faculty.  Mary was there the whole time for us and continues to be a support for all when needed.  Private Home Care made a challenging time for the family much easier. Thank you not only for your compassion and care for Mom but for the whole family as well. ~  Kathy Updegrove


After having a very stressful experience with another agency we decided to try AAAAA Private Home Care and we could not have been happier.  My father’s visit was stress free for the first time in years.  The caregivers were very nurturing, pleasant and capable. He had a wonderful trip and really enjoyed their company.  I look forward to using them again. ~ Julie Chicos


Mary Demakes and AAAAA Private Home Care has been a steady and reliable health care partner for Bane Care.  As we transition our patients and their families along the health care continuum, AAAAA Private Home Care successfully picks up in the home, where post-acute care in our facilities ends. ~ Richard C. Bane, Bane Care Management


I have been fortunate enough to have had several helpers from Private Home Care. I have found them to be mature, helpful, honest and on time, unless traffic or an accident have prevented it.  If they rarely are late they make it up by staying late. 

The care takers have been careful drivers when transporting me to appointments. They have done helpful chores as needed; such as, changing the linens, doing the laundry and whatever needs doing.

I have had both male and female aides and all have been willing to get a grocery order for me or drive me out to lunch.  Both have worked out well. ~ Gladys M. Carter, age 85


It is not difficult to praise the care that my husband and I received from Private Home Health Care after my husband’s 43 day stay at Salem Hospital and Spaulding North Shore.

Mary assigned not only excellent caregivers but these caregivers were able to teach me how to care for my husband.  We had 24 hour help for the first week and then part-time help after that.  The 24/7 allowed me to heal and get strong again.  My husband is now back to volunteering for others at Salem Hospital and is enjoying the summer weather with me and his family.

Again we thank you for helping restore Fred’s health and helping me be a confident and able caregiver.  Everyone should be as blessed. ~  Rebecca Robinson


I remain ever grateful for the wonderful care you gave my father, Lenny Lunder and the warmth and genuine kindness you offered our entire family. ~ Carol and Mal Rubinstein


My experience with Mary Demakes and Private Home care was just tremendous.  I am in California and my mother was in Massachusetts.  Mary became the daughter and sister we never had.

She was first on the scene when my mother fell or needed medical attention.  She was our advocate during hospital stays to make sure my mother received the range of care needed.  Her point of view from both medical and care standpoints was thorough, not to mention caring.  The advice and emotional support she gave me was thoughtful and responsible. ~
Lenny Bernstein


We are grateful beyond words for the quality of care provided by Mary and her staff at Private Home Care.  Thanks to the demeanor of our care provider, who was pleasant and competent, we were able to take a well-needed vacation with peace of mind that my mother-in-law would receive responsible, thoughtful, professional care in our absence.  I have and will always continue to highly recommend Private Home Care to many others. ~
Beverly Clark


I live four hours from my parents who were both ill.  Private Home Care was there for us with whatever we needed. It was a big relief to me to know they were in good hands. Mary kept me informed and her staff was always responsible, respectful and punctual.

When my brother needed help with last minute appointments, shopping and occaisonal medical care, I called Private Home Care because they are a super agency! ~ Nina Westphal


Private Home Care provides excellent care for my mother and helps her stay on track with her diet. Our caregiver prepares very healthy, nutritious meals that my mother wouldn’t prepare on her own.  She also takes good care of the house.

Private Home Care is very dependable.  They always let us know when our caregiver can’t make it and send someone just as wonderful.  I am relieved of worry and stress so I can get some quality time for myself. ~ Darla Ellery


We are very happy with Private Home Care.  The aides make us feel comfortable, safe and secure.  They are very good cooks too!  Our whole family likes them. ~ Bob Waitt


Private Home Care has provided wonderful caregivers for my husband.  Each one has a special gift.  They make our life a lot easier and they have a wonderful presence. Mary has been very good about finding the right person for our needs. ~ Rosa Rasiel


Mary went above and beyond what we asked for.  My mother did not need much but she gave us some equipment that made a big difference.  Our caregiver was innovative, very personable and made a connection with my mother.  It was nice for her to have someone to talk to in addition to family. ~ Sally Hines


I am absolutely delighted with our caregivers.  They are an invaluable resource for my mother.  Mary Demakes is very committed and a pleasure to work with.  She works wonders. ~ Rick Berwin


I am absolutely just delighted!  Private Home Care is my saviour.  They take me grocery shopping and to my doctor appointments.  This is a wonderful service for me. ~ Grace Mattson


For an extended period, over several years, Private Home Care provided devoted assistance to my mother.  Companions and caregivers helped at home – including assisted living and nursing home settings – on a daily basis, even around-the-clock when needed.

These many services were greatly valued both in stable times and at critical moments. Thanks to the high standards and personal touch of Mary Demakes and her staff at Private Home Care, my mother had the irreplaceable benefit of comfort, dignity and joy in her final years. ~ 
Robert N.Shapiro, Ropes and Gray


Private Home Care helped my Dad recover from Pacemaker surgery and knee complications he developed while in the hospital. The caregivers were very reliable, competent, caring and kind. I would recommend Private Home Care to anyone looking to have personal care in their home.

The caregivers provided excellent companionship, meal preparation, help with laundry and help with dressing. They helped assess and improve safety features around my Dad’s home. They were a most valuable part of my Dad’s recovery and my family is most grateful to them all. ~ Candice Ford


Having you in our lives to guide and nurture us during my father’s final years has been a gift. Since I lived the furthest away, I particularly appreciated how accessible you were by phone, explaining complicated medical issues while taking into account all of the emotions we all felt.

Because of you and your staff, I know that my father was cared for in the best way possible and now I am very, very grateful. Thank you, Mary. I wish you and your family joy and happiness. ~ Carol Rubinstein


The loving care your people gave me for 24 hours a day was exactly what I needed. I knew I was safe and secure and on the way to recovery. I pray that each of you will have the Lord’s loving care. ~ Daniel Carter


It is so nice to meet people that really care about their business. ~ Ms. Steinfeld


Private Home Care makes me feel secure and cared for on both a personal and professional level. ~ A.L. Huxtable


Private Home Care is responsive and dependable.  They give me excellent peace of mind. ~ Mara Buckley


I was very impressed with the tender and gentle attention you gave my mother in her final days. Thank you all. ~ Bill Karlyn


Without being overwhelming, let me say it was a pleasure to have you with us during the festivities of our grandson’s wedding.  You took care of my dear Barbara as a sister attending to her needs, comfort, as well as medications.  I was able to enjoy the occasion with the full knowledge that I had no personal concerns as to Barbara’s welfare. ~ Ivan Finkle


Worth every penny! ~ Berger


Mary and her caregivers do a phenomenal job at keeping mom healthy and happy. Doctors said that mom was very sick and only had a few months to live – that was three years ago! Now Mom has regular positive medical reports, and our doctor even said that our caretaker is a ‘keeper’! We are so grateful to Mary and her wonderful team for taking the best care of Mom! I would highly recommend Private Home Health Care. ~ Ellie O.