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National Mountain Day

National Mountain Day

On National Mountain Day we appreciate mountains as a beautiful part of our landscape. Mountain Day encourages everyone, especially those who are boxed into the flatlands of dense, urban centers; to use the day exploring nature and taking in wonderful views while breathing deeply of fresh, mountain air. 

Seeing mountains, whether you live near them or are visiting, is good for your health in a number of ways. Mountains are a great place to get fresh air and exercise! You can hike, mountain bike, ski, or do many other activities. Clean mountain air is very good for your lungs and body, and it smells wonderful. Also, mountains can help keep you cool because the temperature goes down when the elevation rises. That is a great reason to visit the mountains during the summer months!

The natural beauty and calming scenery of mountains can help alleviate anxiety and promote inner peace. To celebrate National Mountain Day, visit your nearest mountain or plan a hiking trip! If your mobility is limited, driving by mountain scenery or looking at pictures of mountains is also a great way to enjoy National Mountain Day! 

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