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National Noodle Day

On this National Noodle Day find some noodles to enjoy no matter where you live.

Noodles are eaten all over the world!  Did you know that they have been around for centuries too?  

There are Shirataki noodles low in carbs and calories, noodles with bolognese sauce, chinese dumplings and comforting American macaroni and cheese.  

Eat whole grain pastas and they can help the digestive system and provide heart healthy vitamins and minerals.


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National Child Health Day

Do you have a child in your life?

Today is National Child Health Day.  In 1928 President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the first National Child Health Day.  The day moved to the first Monday in October in 1960.  

In the 1860’s hospitals specializing in the care of sick children were developed. Today, many hospitals for children exist including St. Jude’s, Shriners and Boston Children’s Hospital.

On this day: exercise with a child to promote physical fitness, review healthy food choices to add to your diet or donate to the Miracle Network Dance Marathon held each year to promote children’s health (

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World Smile Day

Smiling is contagious so on this first Friday of October try to show an act of kindness and make someone smile!

Smiling can:

Improve your mood

Lower blood pressure

Relieve stress and pain

Boost your immune system

Share a smile and if you take a selfie you can post it to social media using #WorldSmileDay.

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

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World Heart Day

Heart health is important to everyone across the world as millions of people die from heart disease every year.

The World Heart Federation started this day in 2000. Each year there is a theme and this year’s theme is “Use heart to Connect”. 

Connect via digital health with online forums and podcasts or participate in local walks outdoors or free health checkups. 

The hope is that if we connect by sharing our knowledge and compassion with our families and communities it will lead us to healthy lifestyles that will nourish our hearts and lead us to fulfilling lives.


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National Chocolate Milk Day

Did you know that chocolate drinks date back to the Mayans and Jamaica?

The Mayans worshipped a god of cocoa and served a chocolate drink at weddings and special occasions.  In 1687 an Irish botanist in Jamaica added milk to a bitter chocolate water and it tasted delicious!!

Today is National Chocolate Milk Day.  We enjoy the healthy nutrients of calcium and protein when we drink a glass of chocolate milk.  Today chocolate milk is very popular across the world.

Do you have allergies to dairy milk?  Try using a dairy-free milk like almond, coconut and soy and then add maple syrup, dairy-free chocolate chips and vanilla.


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World Alzheimer’s Day

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day.  It was first diagnosed by a German psychiatrist named Alois Alzheimer, in 1901.  Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia responsible for 60%-80% of dementia cases.  It affects memory and weakens the ability to perform daily functions.  Research is underway to study the disease and to find ways to delay onset and help those diagnosed. This day can be honored if you share information about it or if you are able to volunteer at a nursing home or local Alzheimer’s Association.

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International Sudoku Day

Yesterday was International Sudoku Day! Sudoku is a puzzle involving numbers where you solve in 9×9 squares to add up to 9. We are fans of this game because it is an excellent brain exercise! It involves focus, concentration, mental math, and even creativity. The game originated in Japan and has recently gained in popularity all over the world!

To celebrate, do a sudoku puzzle in the puzzle section of the newspaper, do download a sudoku app onto your phone and solve away!

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Trail Mix – Seeds of Health

Trail Mix – Seeds of Health

Private Home Care also loves the nutritious seeds included in trail mix! Here are health benefits of eating superfood seeds:

-Essential Fats: All seeds are high in essential fats like omega-3, which is excellent for heart and brain function and often lacking in most diets.

-Protein and essential amino acids: Seeds are generally an excellent source of protein. Quinoa, amaranth, chia and hemp seeds are particularly noteworthy since they offer complete proteins, meaning that they contain all 9 essential fats required for optimal health.

-Nutrient dense: Eating a variety of different seeds will ensure that you receive a healthy dose of phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper, B vitamins, vitamin K and antioxidant rich vitamin E (and more). All of these nutrients are essential for supporting health on multiple levels.

-Excellent source of fiber: Seeds are naturally full of fiber. Fiber is good for blood sugar control, helping to slow the breakdown of carbohydrates and absorption of sugar. It is also great for promoting healthy bowel movement, heart health and weight-loss management.

-Lower cholesterol and blood pressure: Seeds possess important cholesterol-fighting fiber known as lignans, which in turn lower blood pressure.

-Antioxidant Rich Seeds: All seeds have a beneficial level of antioxidants

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National Lemon Juice Day

National Lemon Juice Day

National Lemon Juice Day was August 29th.

Lemon juice is also a wonderful, healthy seasoning! You can use lemon juice as a replacement for unhealthy ingredients or high amounts of salt. Instead of salad dressing, sprinkle Lemon juice over a salad to instantly brighten it up, and squeezing some over seafood or fish enhances the flavor. It is also great to use in cocktails when you are watching out for calories!

There are many uses for lemons and lemon juice around the house as a fresh, natural alternative to chemical cleaners! Slice a lemon in half to shine pots and pans, remove stains from marble countertops, as an air freshener and deodorizer for the garbage, polish wood, remove stains from dishes, remove rust of mildew stains, brighten laundry and remove stains, repel insects, descale tea kettles and coffee pots, remove rust, and more!T

o get the most lemon juice out of a lemon, roll it on a hard surface before you cut it to loosen up the juices. Dealing with a particularly tight lemon? Pop it into the microwave for a few seconds!

Use National Lemon Juice Day to enhance your day and make lemonade out of lemons!

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