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The American Heart Association

In the early 1900’s there was little known about the heart.  People were being affected by illnesses of the heart but because there had not been any research, there was not much available for help.

Thankfully there were enterprising physicians and social workers who wanted to learn more and help those suffering from heart issues.  It was in 1924 that a group of six cardiologists founded the American Heart Association.  

The group was small but this team of doctors wanted better care and more research done to learn about the heart.  They felt there was no reason that people could not be helped.  The team enlisted the help of thousands of scientists and doctors and they moved the needle.

It was in 1948 that the Association changed to become a voluntary organization.  The teams included professional and lay volunteers and they had a staff to help run the organization.

Today the American Heart Association is both national and international and there are more than 35 million supporters and volunteers.

The website has a huge amount of information.  There is more detailed information on the Associations history and healthy tips for eating and exercising.  Furthermore, you can learn about different heart issues and you can even apply to be a volunteer or find another way to get involved.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death, followed by stroke.  There have been great strides to manage complications from heart disease and additionally, deaths from heart disease have reduced in the past 40 years.

Private Home Health Care is sharing the site again for your reference:

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Congenital Heart Defects

The next week focuses on congenital heart defect (CDH) awareness week.  The goal is to educate and drive awareness about this condition.

A congenital heart defect is a problem or problems with the structure of your heart.  This is a condition which you would have had from birth but not all congenital heart defects are the same.  

Types of congenital heart disease can be mild and not need surgery.  There are other types that are serious enough to require surgery.  There is some evidence that CDH is genetic so it runs in families.

The CDC says that about 40,000 babies or about 1% of the population of babies born in the US have congenital heart disease.  Babies would exhibit symptoms and while there is no cure, you have treatments available.  Diagnoses can require lifelong care depending on the severity.

Likewise, you can live with congenital heart disease into adulthood.  You may have been treated earlier in life and later symptoms appear.  You should contact your doctor if experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias)
  • Blue skin, lips and fingernails (cyanosis)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling tired very quickly with activity
  • Swelling of body tissue or organs (edema)

It’s important for you to visit a doctor if you notice any changes.  Doctors will give you a physical exam including listening to your heart.  If needed additional tests can be ordered for a diagnosis.

Private Home Health Care knows that your heart is an intricate organ.  We believe that the more information shared the better it is for you to stay healthy.


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Green Week

Green Week is annually celebrated between the first week in February and the end of April. During this time schools are empowered to be environmentally conscious, engage in sustainability focused lessons, projects, or activities. Furthermore, “Going green,” recycling, and taking care of the earth are highlighted in lesson plans. are obviously a major issue in the world. This week is meant to bring attention to the plight of the earth, and share knowledge of ways to help keep our planet beautiful and safe. There is no better place to start with the education of keeping a healthy planet than with school children. The future of this world depends on the youth. With the continued growth of research of our planet, we are learning of better ways to protect it. Additionally, expanded knowledge of the importance our ecosystem plays for the future, makes protecting it vital.

Recycling during and after Green Week is a major part in protecting our planet.

Green week in school

With children being the future, the educating of the youth in preserving our world than in our schools is essential. Green week is meant to bring these issues to the attention of our youth. Whats more, these children will retain this information and bring it home to discuss with their families. Thus, spreading more information on keeping our world safe. Equally important, it educates them on how they can take care of where they live and what they can do to help out. 

Protecting Our Planet

Our world is forever growing and evolving. New science, research and discoveries are crucial to protecting our ecosystem. Industries and technologies are growing and advancing. This expansion serves to benefit our daily lives, increase efficiency and, for the most part, improve our way of life.  While these advancements are great, and make our lives easier, they do not come without any recourse.  With these advancements in living, our ecosystem faces a plethora of issues. With the growing number of factories in cities, there is growth in pollution. Subsequently, overpopulation, pollution and overuse of natural resources, among other problems face us. Many of these issues went undiscovered for years.  The natural resources, once thought to last forever, will not.  Overlooking these issues for years, means we must now work to protect and reverse their decimation.  We now have the power to work together to preserve and improve our ecosystem.

Alternate energy sources are another important step to saving our planet.

You Can Contribute To Green Week

There are many ways you can help participate in “National Green Week.” The ways range from participating in projects and activities, to donating money to one of the many great causes. These causes aim to preserve and bettering our ecosystem. Smart, (Sustainable Manufacturing And Recycling Technologies) is one research group. Smart’s interests include a wide range of subjects. They focus on extracting raw materials all the way to recycling at the end of its life. Their Website can be found at The 14 Recycling Bloggers That Want To Save The Planet ( If you ever have trouble finding a spot to recycle, the website, Recycle Nation, (RecycleNation – Search. Find. Recycle.) compiles a comprehensive recycling location database

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Your Heart as You Age

At birth, the life of your heart begins.  It’s believed that if as a mother you exercise before the baby is born, you are able to help your baby’s heart health.

A child’s heart is about the size of a fist.  It is small but this is the time for you to set good habits for a lifelong lower risk of heart disease.

A healthy lifestyle includes playing for physical exercise, eating healthy foods and keeping a safe weight.

Healthy lifestyles early in life can lead to healthy choices during your child’s teen years.  A teen’s body is changing in so many ways. Likewise, keeping your teenager away from smoking is one key factor.  One study shows that 68% of smokers had their first cigarette at age 18.

When you reach age 20, that is when your body’s cardiovascular system begins to change naturally so that’s another reason heart healthy habits are key.

Let’s talk about the heart’s functions to see why it’s such an important organ.  The right side pumps blood to the lungs for oxygen and it gets rid of carbon dioxide.  The left side is responsible for getting oxygen-rich blood to the entire rest of your body.

Hmmm.  That’s a big job for a not so big organ!

As you age, the heart changes normally with age-related changes.  Consequently, healthy habits early in life and help lower your risk throughout your life.

Healthy Habits include:

Diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol

Regular exercise

No or reduced smoking

Visit doctors regularly for checkups

Private Home Health Care will continue to talk about the heart this month during National Heart Month.  We want everyone to be as healthy as possible.

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Change Your Password Day, February 1

February 1, Change your password day. I believe this day hits home for everyone who is reading this. “Must be at lease 12 characters.” “Require at least one uppercase and one lowercase.” “Password already used.” “Passwords do not match.” “Please include symbol character (! @ # $ %.)” The dreaded task of needing to create, update or change your passwords. With all the requirements, this process can seem like solving the quadratic equation at times. Additionally, trying to remember each of these codes is an undertaking in itself.

What looking at the requirements to create a password can feel like.

How many are too many?

If you’re like me, you are forever facing a losing battle of remembering which password you use for each account you have. I’ve compiled a list of each account I have with their corresponding password. I have 93 different log ins. Therefore, I have 93 passwords. In an ideal world, I have 1 password for all 93 accounts. Subsequently, there are no hackers in the world who are looking to steal our information, and everything runs smoothly with that one unique password. However, we do not live in utopia. Of those 93 accounts, I have 16 different passwords. Many of which are required to be changed every so often, and I cannot re-use passwords. Obviously, that means that list of passwords I need to note to memory is ever growing. How many times to change your password is too many?

Change Your Password

Each site you need to use a password for has different requirements. These include, different number of characters needed, the use of upper and lowercase letters and the use of symbols requirement. It is frustrating when it takes you multiple attempts just to create your password! Some password requirements do not let you use passwords that are related to your login, email or personal information. In addition, other accounts will not allow previously used or closely related to past passwords. Do not forget that these passwords are typically case sensitive as well! Furthermore, there are sites where if you get your password incorrect multiple times, you will be locked out. So, make sure you chose your password carefully.

Password Protection

Creating and using these passwords along with two-factor authentication can be a headache. But keeping our private information is pretty important. The number of scams, hackers and fraud out there continues to grow. Certain devices have made use of facial recognition and fingerprints as an alternate to passwords. Where will advance technology lead us in regard to protecting our information? Looking back to when I was growing up, (1990’s) I only needed a handful of passwords. So, for take today don’t get overwhelmed. Take a deep breath make sure all of your passwords are secure. Change your password if it could be stronger.

Take a look at (and stay away from) the most common passwords of 2022. If you have a password in there, it may be time to change your password!

Most common passwords of 2022—make sure yours isn’t on the list (

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National Heart Month

Today kicks off National Heart Month, #NationalHeartMonth.

National Heart Month focuses on heart disease and what each of us can do to combat this prevalent disease.

Your heart is an important part of your body, emotionally and physically.  All of us can be at risk for heart disease or stroke but there are actions we can take to lower the risk.

Many of us have sedentary jobs and in addition, we feel unable to find the time to exercise. If we factor in obesity and smoking this raises the risk.

You and I all are able to lower the risk factors by changing our lifestyles, even if it’s only a little.

  • Find time to exercise.  Walking more is a great and easy, low-cost exercise.
  • Eat healthier.  Eat more leafy greens, lean meats and less fast food.
  • Quit smoking.  There are many places that can help you.
  • Reduce your stress.  This can be hard but again, there are resources to help.

Even those of us that appear not to be at risk can be susceptible.  Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills Football team is an example.

On January 2, 2023 Damar had a heart attack in the middle of a NFL football game.  He is 24 years old and was very fortunate to have great medical services available to him and to have survived.

Because of this, Damar has partnered with The American Heart Association on a challenge.  It is called the #3forHeart CPR Challenge.  

Damar first received CPR on the playing field and he knows how important it is for you to be trained.  You never know when you will be needed so it’s best to be prepared.  You can learn the details at Damar Hamlin’s #3forHeart CPR Challenge | American Heart Association.

Private Home Health Care will be focusing on the heart this month and are so happy that Damar has become a spokesperson for The American Heart Association.

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Tomorrow is National Hot Chocolate Day. That delicious chocolatey warm drink that can warm your heart on a cold winter’s day.

A quick history lesson  . . .

Back in the 1800’s, a father and son helped create the cocoa powder you use in your drink. 

Casparus van Houten Sr. figured out how to separate the cocoa solids from the butter.  His son, Coenraad Johannes was the one who made the fats more soluble in water.  Both together created cocoa powder perfect for hot chocolate.

You and I know that hot chocolate is delicious.  We also know that hot chocolates can be high in sugar.  The great news is that if you are diabetic and watching your blood sugar you can still enjoy a cup!

How can I enjoy hot chocolate as a diabetic?

You can keep your glucose levels down and drink hot chocolate if you watch your ingredients.

Ingredients  . . .

You should start with a high quality cocoa powder that is organic and low in sugar. Ghiradelli Unsweetened Dutch Process Cocoa or Hershey’s Special Dark 100% Cacao are both good options.

Next, choose unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk to your cocoa with a dash of salt.  

For sweetness you can add stevia which is natural and sugar-free.  It comes in liquid or powder form.

Instructions . . .

Heat the milk until it’s hot but not boiling.  Add two to three tablespoons of cocoa and mix.  Finally add your sugar-free sweetener.  Heat a bit more, then enjoy!

Private Home Health Care knows that hot chocolate can reduce your blood pressure and increase brain function.  It’s also good for the soul on a cold day.

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National Bath Safety Month

As you age, bathing can become a problem.  You might have trouble getting into a bath tub. Would a shower or a bath be better for you when you are elderly?

There seem to be good points to each but overall the thinking is that if your shower is set up safely that has more positives than having a bath.

A shower is easier for you to get in and out of, especially if your entry is at the same level as the floor.  You don’t need to lift your legs over the sides of a tub and stay steady.

Add safety handrails. Plumbers need to install some but there are also some with strong suction cups that you could add.  You need to make sure handrails are placed at a spot for you to to reach should you slip.

A shower door over a sliding door is recommended.  Sliding doors can be alot to manage and they can move if you grab on to them.

Inside the shower you can get a rubber mat for the floor and it is also recommended that there is a seat for you in case you get tired or if you need support. 

Be sure too that the mat you use when you leave the shower has a rubber base and does not move.

If you love your baths don’t feel that you have to eliminate the. There are positive things about baths too.  For example, they have bathtubs with doors that allow you to walk straight in.

A bath can be relaxing for your muscles and joints and can help moisturize your skin.  You might also feel that you can sleep well after a nice warm bath.

Private Home Health Care understands that as we age normal tasks can get difficult.  Be sure to ask for help if you need it but also look into what is the most safe option for you.  We want you to stay as healthy as possible.

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Change a Pet’s Life Day – January 24

Change a Pet’s Life Day is annually on January 24. This day isn’t only life-changing for our pets, it changes our lives for the better too. Often seen on the windows of cars is the saying, “Who saved who?” An estimated 68% of U.S. households have a pet. There are many positives to owning a pet. In fact, research has shown physical, mental, and emotional advantages. Furthermore, having a pet will increase the owners exercise, protect them from invaders or predators, and even sense danger.  This day enables us to provide a new home for one or more of the millions of animals in shelters. Though not everyone is able to adopt a pet, there are many other ways to contribute to changing a pet’s life.

Positive social impact of owning a pet

  • Couples who own a pet together have lower blood pressure.  Further, They also interact with each other more than those in a pet free home.
  • Studies show that pet owners are more likely to engage with people in their neighborhood than those who do not have a pet.

Health Benefits of being a pet owner

  • lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels (stress related hormone)
  • Decrease loneliness, boost your mood and increase feelings of social support
  • Animals can serve as a source of comfort and support

Children, Pets and Learning

  • Taking care of a pet helps with teaching children about responsibility and empathy
  • The presence of a pet is proven to help children with ADHD maintain focus
  • Furthermore, studies show children on the autism spectrum feel more relaxed and comfortable with an animal around them.
  • Many pets are being trained as service animals to help folks with disabilities, needs and conditions.

Honoring National Change a Pet’s Life Day

 Changing a pet’s life can be done in many fashions. Obviously, providing a forever home for a pet is the main one. Equally important is donating money to pet shelters. This helps provide these shelters the means to take care, provide for and aide pets while they work to find their forever home. Additionally, donating time to local animal shelters and fundraising can help change their lives. The ASPCA does amazing work in helping to change a pets life, (ASPCA | American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) as we try to do that with out clients (Home – AAAAA Private Home Health Care AAAAA Private Home Health Care (

Happy National Change a Pet’s Life Day

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National Handwriting Day

Handwriting?  What is that?  Do you recall learning handwriting in school?

We all learn to write because that is the road to learning letters and reading.  As we go up to the older grades there is still some actual handwriting that is being taught too.

Journaling is a popular way for many to write.  You can find studies that show that putting pen to paper in a journal can have some health benefits.  

If you have a sense of being overwhelmed or if you want to try and sort out some of your feelings, writing in a journal can help to reduce some of your stress.  It can be a good release.  

There have been a number of studies done where if you journal for a period of time, 12 weeks or a few months you feel less depressed and anxious.

When you feel negative or worried, sitting down to journal for a few minutes can help you process your emotions.  It can set you apart from your emotions and you might even find that you can look at them subjectively.

Processing your emotions can be hard.  Journals can be a way to work through them.  They can also help provide you with next steps.

You and I use social media, computers, iphones, ipads and other devices.  If truth be told we can’t live without them but writing in a journal can be another outlet.  All you need is pen and paper.  

Private Home Health Care suggests writing something you are grateful for each day. Life can get so busy.  It’s helpful to step back and check in.  Journaling can be a great outlet. Give it a try.

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