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It makes sense to us that the first week in January would be set aside for a Celebration of Life Week.

You and I look forward to all the wonderful things that can come from starting a new year.  At this time of year we are hopeful and anticipatory of what lies ahead for us.

With this new hopefulness it is also a time for you to celebrate any accomplishments or any blessings you have experienced.

You may be thankful for your family so celebrate them.  Spend time playing a game, taking a walk or sharing your time with them.

Have you started a new job or changed jobs?  That could be a cause for a celebration too.

Did you try a new recipe?  Have you found a new book to enjoy?  Are you working towards a new weight and you’ve been successful in changing your diet?

So many things in our life are worth celebrating, big or small.

Take time to celebrate for yourself by going to a spa or having some quiet time.  You might find that you have more to give others if you take care of yourself.

Celebrating can spread happiness and positivity.  Both of these are bonuses to your health and well being.  It’s a great way to begin a new year!

Private Home Health Care celebrates all of the wonderful clients that we serve in our community.  We are grateful to be able to provide care to those in need.

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This is the time of year when some people look to try new things.  Trivia seems to be all around us.  Are you one of those people who enjoy trivia questions?  How is your memory and recall?

We are not so sure that our expertise is in trivia but if you have a knack for remembering interesting facts it might be for you.  It also might be for you if you just like to have fun! 

Since 1964, you’ve been able to get a dose of trivia on television.  Each night Jeopardy is played and some serious money can be won.  The TV show previously hosted by Alex Trebek and now Ken Jennings is carrying the torch.

Another way for you to have fun with trivia is the board game, Trivial Pursuit.  Back in 1981 when it was released there was just one version to test your knowledge in five areas.

These days there are many versions of Trivial Pursuit to choose from now.  No money here but fun and laughter is plentiful.

One other way to play is to find a local restaurant or locale that offers trivia.  Some are for individual play but you can play as a team.  

You won’t become wealthy from these games, but you’ll have fun and you might win a small amount of money or a gift. 

Private Home Health Care hopes you have a chance to watch or try a game of trivia for a new experience.  If you’re a trivia pro, be sure to pass on any tips to friends on ways to enjoy it.

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New Year’s Day and Resolutions

The end of 2023 is coming and the new year is in view.  Do you make resolutions or do you think those are just too silly?

We are certain that many of you made resolutions for 2023.  How did those turn out for you?

Did you keep any or did they fizzle out as the year went on? 

Did you decide that you don’t really need resolutions after all? 

For those adventurous souls who believe in resolutions we’ve found it is interesting how diverse they can be. 

  • Your body needs more exercise. Find your local gym or online exercise class.  
  • The scales in the bathroom alert you to an unusual weight gain.  Time for a diet. 
  • You are very upset about a strained or broken relationship. You resolve to work on it.
  • Books have become something of the past.  Look for interesting books to read.
  • You are looking for a new adventure. Sign up for a new activity or skill to learn.

Private Home Health Care hopes that if you decide to make a New Year’s resolution you do the best you can and don’t overreact if they don’t always work out exactly as planned.

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Cookie Exchanges

On this day of National Cookie Exchange we are thinking about all of the delicious cookies that are baked during the Christmas season.

Have you been baking any cookies?  If you have, we are imagining the good smells coming out of your oven.

We are thinking about sugar cookies, with sprinkles or frosting.  Or maybe you are baking thimble cookies or spritz cookies.  We love the shapes of Christmas trees and wreaths.  

You might have recipes for peanut butter cookies, shortbread, gingerbread, or thumbprint cookies with a hershey’s kiss in the middle. Gingersnaps with fresh ginger or beautiful linzer cookies with jam are also yummy.  

Have we made you hungry yet??  If not, we are!

Cookie exchanges are fun because you get to choose all different types of cookies.  Someone might even share a recipe or two for a new cookie with you.

You can say thank you to the Dutch, English and Scottish folk who came to America and shared the tradition of cookie baking with us.  Cookies have been around longer than the 17th century though.

If you read up on cookie origins you’ll discover that back in the 7th century it was in Persia that the cookie was born.  Sugar actually started there, so it’s not surprising cookies soon followed.

Private Home Health Care loves this time of year with all the holiday baking.  A cookie exchange is definitely a fun way to get together to celebrate the season.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

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Operation Santa Paws

Operation Santa Paws is about all of those animal shelters that care for the cats and dogs without homes and their needs.

You know those kittens, cats, puppies and dogs that are such friends to all of us?  Well, many go to shelters awaiting adoption.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  

Just like us they need things to make them happy.  Shelters are happy to get donations of blankets, toys or treats for any of the animals in their care.

You and I love our pets and they become a part of our family.  They bring us joy and companionship.  Some protect us and act as a service animal to us..  Whatever the reason for a pet, we share a special bond with them. 

Shelters are a place to begin the bond.  Adopting may be hard for you but donations are always accepted and a great way to show appreciation for the animals and the shelter who provide them with temporary homes.

You can find many shelters locally either online or from your local town hall.  Any donation is appreciated no matter the cost or size.

This operation comes during the holiday season as it’s the season for giving in hopes that people will respond to help. With an estimated 7 million animals that await adoption there is definitely a need across our country.

Private Home Health Care is sharing this information for all the animals waiting for their forever home. 


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National Twin Day

Today is the day to celebrate twins and their uniqueness on National Twin Day.  

According to the CDC, the United States is having more twins born than ever before.  How many sets of twins do you know?

Twins often have a connection because for eight or nine months they’ve hung out together in tight quarters! 

Whatever is driving the increase in twin births there are some interesting facts surrounding them.

Genes are involved in many of the twin births.  If you hyper-ovulate or release multiple eggs at ovulation time, there is a good chance that you will produce fraternal twins.  

You can also pass this on to your children to carry onto the tradition since it’s a gene.

Identical twins are not gene-related however.  Identical twins happen when one egg splits into two so no genes are involved.

Your twins begin to bond in the womb.  There is a study using 3D ultrasounds that show interactions in the womb, even with them being gentle with each other’s eyes.  

Right after birth they can begin to interact socially as well.

Twins can make up their own language starting at an early age.  This can continue as the babies grow up.

Furthermore, if you have fraternal or identical twins there is one thing that is always unique to them just like all of us. Twins all have unique fingerprints.  No two are alike.
Private Home Health Care knows many sets of twins and we cherish them all. 

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National Cupcake Day

It’s true.  Today is the day to celebrate cupcakes and yes we are talking about a sweet this week because everyone needs a little sweetness in their lives!

The cupcake has been around for quite a while dating back to a distant relative back in the 17th century called the Fairy Cakes. 

You may also have heard about Miss Eliza Leslie from Philadelphia.  She is credited with mentioning the smaller cake or cupcake in her cookbook.  

Additionally, word has it that Winston Churchill was the mastermind of adding frosting.

Are you wondering why Private Home Health Care is promoting cupcakes?  It’s for fun of course and because we all need a bit of a sweet snack at times.  National Cupcake day is the perfect time for you to enjoy one.

Cupcakes are small and can satisfy you without you having to feel too guilty.  They can make you smile and sharing some with others can spread some joy. 

Nowadays, you have places like Georgetown Cupcakes in Boston that take cupcakes to the next level.  There are many different kinds with all sorts of frostings and toppings.  

We are sure that you can find a cupcake shop in your area.  The best come from a shop or your kitchen.  Grocery stores have them too but splurge if you can and locate a specialty store for full enjoyment.

Private Home Health Care hopes you enjoy a cupcake today, this weekend or during your holidays.  They are a yummy treat that will make you smile.  Enjoy! 

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Chocolate and Delicious

Do you know what the Mayans and the Aztecs had in common 2000 years ago?


On this day of the National Cocoa we love to talk about how delicious cocoa powder is along with how good it can be for you.

Cocoa powder worked its way through Mexico into the New World and Europeans.  Eventually cocoa became very popular and in the wintertime transformed into hot cocoa.

Hot cocoa is the perfect drink for the winter if you’ve been out skiing, hiking or skating. In truth, it’s a really great winter drink for anyone who wants to warm up.

We are talking about hot cocoa made from cocoa powder.  Hot chocolate is very different as it’s made from cocoa butter and not as healthy. 

Cocoa is low in calories and fat and high in polyphenols.  Polyphenols are found in plants and act like antioxidants. 

Antioxidants help you lower your cholesterol, reduce inflammation and lower your blood pressure.  All good and tasty too.

You can make a homemade hot cocoa recipe very easily with just three ingredients:

1-½ TBSP Ghirardelli 100% cocoa powder (60-70% is minimum to use for benefits)

1-½ TBSP Sugar (Stevia or Erythritol & Monk Fruit for a healthy sugar substitute)

1 c milk (Choose your favorite)

Whisk it all together and heat the milk until hot.

(Courtesy of

Private Home Health Care is ready to make a cup of hot cocoa on this chilly New England Day.  We hope you’ll enjoy a cup one of these winter days too.

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December is the month for the birthday of the game Bingo!

Bingo is a fun game of chance for all ages, from Preschool to Senior Citizens.  You fill in squares to see if you earn the right to be able to yell Bingo and win the game.

Many of you may associate the game with the American Catholic church.  That’s because a Catholic priest back in the 1930’s had the idea to launch the game as a fundraiser for his church and he got permission from Edwin Lowe.

Edwin Lowe who brought the game to America and called it Beano.  Supposedly someone playing the game yelled Bingo and that’s the name that stuck instead!

Children play the game to learn letters, numbers and shapes.  They all love to be the first to shout and of course win!

If you are a senior living in a group setting, try and get Bingo started if it’s not on the list of games.  Bingo can do wonders for you socially for one thing..

Additionally, you can also improve your cognitive abilities and your hand-eye coordination.   It might even give you physical strength!

Bingo is a fun game that most everyone loves to play.  You don’t need a lot of materials and you can play for fun or maybe a little cash depending on the setting.

Private Home Health Care hopes you get the opportunity to play a bit of Bingo this month.  It’s a great way to relax and have some fun.


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What fruit is in the same plant family of the apple, apricot, cherry and peach family and is full of sweetness and nutritional value?

If you guessed the pear you are correct!

Believe it or not the pear is in the same family as all of the fruits listed above.  It comes from the Rosaceae plant family.  

There are actually ten different varieties of pears. Anjou, Bartlett and Bosc are some of the most common found here.  All have different colors, textures, and sweetness and if you have a sweet tooth a pear can definitely help with that.

It turns out that in addition to your sweet tooth, a pear is also a food that can help you digest well, aid your heart, moderate blood sugar and help your inflammation. 

Pears are a great choice if you are diabetic or watching your blood sugar.  They contain one quarter of the fiber you need in a day which slows your body’s sugar absorption.  You would also be eating a low-glycemic food which helps to keep your blood sugar from spiking.  

In addition to fiber, eating a pear gives you potassium to help with blood pressure.  You’’ll  also get good amounts of Vitamins C, K and B6.  

A pear is a win-win situation with one caveat.  As with any food, you should be sure to eat pears in moderation.  Too much of any food can work against your healthy diet.

Private Home Health Care hopes that you enjoy pears.  They are delicious alone, they pair well with different cheeses and for a splurge they can make a tasty treat!


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