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World Osteoporosis Day


You and I have heard about health issues caused by osteoporosis, especially if we are women.

Osteoporosis is caused when the loss of old bone is more than the creation of new bone.  You’ll find this happens to women more than men.  It often occurs after menopause.

This bone loss and osteoporosis is a disease worldwide and can be found on every continent.

There are reports that it is most prevalent in the Middle East due to a lack of Vitamin D.

If you have osteoporosis a hip fracture is the most common accident.  This is true in all areas of the U.S and world.  You can break other bones as well, but the hip is most prevalent.

It is important to work with a doctor if you get diagnosed with osteoporosis.  There are exercises and dietary changes along with medications to help you.

Osteopenia can be a precursor to osteoporosis.  Osteopenia is when you have low bone density.  This is caused by less minerals in your bones. Those minerals prevent your bones from breaking.

Interestingly, your bone mass peaks in your early to mid-thirties.  Consequently, It’s very important for you to keep active by walking, jumping or running.  

It’s also key to be sure to have foods in your diet that are high in Vitamin D.  Foods like milk, cheese and yogurt.  Additionally, beans, broccoli, mushrooms and salmon are high in Vitamin D.
Private Home Health Care is very aware of the effects of osteoporosis. We hope that you check with your medical professional but if you are over the age of sixty-five a test is recommended every two years.

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