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World Listening Day

Tomorrow is World Listening Day, a fairly recent day to encourage all of us to take time to stop and listen to what is around us.

Have you tried to just stop and listen?  There are so many different sounds in the world outside, especially in the summer.

The creators of the day want us to try to become a better listener.  Listening is important for all of us to communicate with each other.  You and I speak to each other often but are we truly listening?

The focus of each year’s World Listening Day changes.  Consequently this year’s focus is listening to the world outside your window.  When you listen you explore the interactions between us as humans and nature.  

The official name for this listening to nature is “acoustic ecology.”  Do you want to try using acoustic ecology tomorrow?  You might be surprised at what you hear.

Have you ever tried listening to bird calls?  You can have fun listening to the sounds and learn to identify the bird.  You can discover how it flies and where it lives.

We at Private Home Health Care have been noticing the sounds of many birds around us.  We’ve begun to learn the sounds of chickadees, robins, cardinals, and cat birds. We have even seen Cooper Hawks in our backyard. Amazing.

No matter where you live there are sounds outside your window. You may hear birds, airplanes overhead, children playing outside, and maybe street cleaners all in your neighborhood. Once you stop and listen, the sounds come alive.

Tomorrow we hope you try and take the time to listen to the sounds outside around you.  Additionally, you might try listening to the people in your life too.  You could be very surprised!


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