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Wiser Healthcare Decisions and Choices through Knowledge

Join us this Monday, February 24th 12-1 pm for an interesting webinar that will change the way you plan healthcare choices and decisions.

The webinar will address the following:
1) Preparing a Written Agenda
• Knowing what to include and how to present it will save time, avoid confusion, and ensure all your concerns are addressed with the doctor.
2) Preparing a Medical History
• Knowing what to include and how to present it will create less stress and confusion at the appointment. It will also ensure the best decisions are made around personal care options.
3) Preparing Medication List
• Knowing what to include will encourage a mutual exchange of information with your physician. It will also uncover any conflicts or concerns with medications.
4) Preparing a Health Care Proxy
• Understanding the HCP will avoid later stress and /or confusion when making life-death decisions for incapacitated individuals.
5) Life-Sustaining Treatment MOLST guidelines recently passed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
• Gain insight on the required documents that define the levels and types of treatment for patients entering nursing homes. This will ensure everyone is in agreement when difficult decisions are made.
6) Planning for Long-term Care
• Gain insight on the immense value of planning for long-term care.
7) Private care verses Nursing Home care which is better and why?
• Learn the pros and cons of each type of care and why preplanning is vital.

Please read more about the webinar by viewing and sharing the links below.


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