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Sweet Potatoes

This month we are thinking about sweet potatoes and wondering if you have even tried them?

We have long been aware of the many varieties of white potatoes available.  There are colorfully named potatoes like red, white and yellow. Likewise, russet and fingerling are two more names.

Like us, you have probably heard about the root vegetable sweet potatoes.  Yes, you may be surprised but they are actually a root vegetable and not in the potato family.   

We have a new found love of this vegetable.  You easily find them in the grocery store in funny shapes and with lots of bumps.  Don’t let those scare you.  They cook up great!

You can bake a sweet potato just like a white potato or in the oven with your favorite spices.  Likewise, the air fryer is a great way for you to cook them and enjoy delicious and healthy fries.  Sweet potatoes are very versatile..

Why eat sweet potatoes?  They are packed with lots of good nutrients and a diabetic friendly food eaten in moderation.

Sweet potatoes give you few calories, little fat, protein, manageable carbs and fiber, soluble and insoluble.  

Let’s talk about the vitamins  in a sweet potato.  You’ll get healthy amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and potassium.  Additionally, your body will get manganese and vitamins, B5, B6 and E.  

That’s a lot of goodness in one vegetable!

Private Home Health Care loves to eat sweet potatoes.  We are so happy that we can easily find them in local grocery stores and at farmer’s markets.  This month try a sweet potato if it’s new to you.  You will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!


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