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Summer Solstice

We cannot pass up this day without saying, “Welcome Summer!”

Today is the longest day of the year for you and I in the Northern Hemisphere.  The Summer Solstice.  A time for warmth, sun and fun in the outdoors.

For many of us it has been a cloudy and cool spring so we have truly been awaiting the warm days of summer.  You may have planted flowers or new bushes.  Now the time begins to nurture the plants and enjoy the beauty of your work.

Summer is a time to be outside.  You can take a hike or a walk.  You might head to a beach to read a book or play some volleyball.  All of a sudden you may be yearning for ice cream and there may even be an ice cream truck that comes to your neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhoods, oftentimes we see more of our neighbors in the summer.  If there are children they usually ride bikes or play outside. You spend more time outside too because the weather is great.

Does anyone go camping?  Summer is the perfect time to head to the woods.  Tents work great or a trailer but either way you can set up camp, have a fire and relax. 

Additionally, many grills fire up with hamburgers or veggie burgers and many friends gather for good food and conversation outside.

We in New England have a change of seasons.  Each season is to be celebrated and because of the changes we are apt to truly appreciate all the warm days of summer.

Private Home Health Care loves the summer season and we enjoy it while also remembering to protect ourselves with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.  



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