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Stress and High Blood Pressure

We all have stress in our lives. You could have a fight with a sibling or spouse, you have a deadline at work or an issue with your dog.  Our bodies can handle our blood pressure getting elevated for a “short” time and then coming down.  That’s a part of daily life.

In addition, there is actually no proof that normal stress can lead to long-term elevated blood pressure.

The issue begins when your stress becomes chronic.  When stress lasts for weeks, months or years this chronic stress can lead to health problems.  

Chronic stress can increase your risk of damage to your blood vessels, heart and kidney.  This is when doctors become concerned.

Stress is not always easy to handle but there are ways that you can look to help manage it.  They are not difficult and they don’t have to cost money.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure you get enough sleep.  Seven to eight hours a night are recommended.
  2. Try some relaxation techniques.  Listen to quiet music and relax your mind, meditate or try yoga.  Mindfulness exercises work too.
  3. Have you picked up any bad habits?  Try excessive amounts of alcohol or coffee. Be careful not to overeat.
  4. Exercise – move as much as you are able either by walking outside, in a gym or mall or on a treadmill for example.  Any movement helps.
  5. Don’t hold onto anger.  Address issues as they come up.
  6. If you can identify stressors in your life try and reduce or eliminate them. 

Private Home Health Care sees the stress in people’s lives.  We hope that you can find ways to reduce stress for a healthier and happier life.

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