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Social Media Day

This day was created to observe the way that social media has become a worldwide way for you to collaborate, communicate, and share information and images with family and friends.  In 2002 Friendster was created and in 2003 it was MySpace.  

Since that time there have been many social media sites that have surpassed them including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to name a few.  

Private Home Health Care writes our blog and shares it on some of these sites.  We love the way anyone from any location in the world can access the wide variety of information provided.

It is truly amazing how social media has grown and now become full of active participants. You can share all kinds of information in writing or with imagery.  You can learn how to do something new on YouTube.   

Private Home Health Care loves staying connected via social media.  We also believe that it’s important to remember that nothing can replace getting together physically.  

It is especially important for our elderly community.  You need to spend physical time with those alone or located in a care facility.  You cannot replace listening to people and sharing stories together.  It is too precious. 

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