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September 11, 2023  

September 11, 2023 is a day of remembrance.

It was 22 years ago that the United States suffered its largest attack on our country. There were a total of 2,977 Americans who lost their lives.

You may have lived through that day and remember the awful images and news reports.  You could also be too young to actually have experienced it. 

No matter your circumstance, we all should work to remember this horrific event and those who lost their lives.

In New York first responders went in to try and save those people in the twin towers.  Many did not survive but for those who did there are ongoing health issues.

Tunnel for Towers is one organization that cares for the families of the first responders who lost their lives.  There are many other organizations still taking donations.  Be sure to check Charity Navigator and check the group’s rating before you donate.

In addition to financial donations you could visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York City.  This is located on eight acres of the World Trade Center site.  It is a very moving memorial.

You might also travel to Pennsylvania to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial.  This memorial remembers the passengers on Flight 93 who stopped the terrorists from attacking another government building on that day.

On September 11 you are encouraged to take some time during your day to remember those who gave their lives.  We remember to honor those 2,977 people.  We hope and pray that an event like this will never happen again in our country.

Private Home Health Care will set aside time in our day to remember that day.  We extend our warmest thoughts to those people who lost a family or friend on that day.


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