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Seniors’ 5 Most Concerning Topics

Senior’s 5 Most Concerning Issues

 1.    Seniors are not getting the proper nutrition or hydration.

These are necessities for any person but, for seniors it is extra important.  Some seniors even forget to eat! If no one is around to cook for them or if there is nothing there to quickly eat, they will neglect to eat. Some of the foods that are easy for seniors to prepare do not have much to offer for nutritional value.  Everyone including seniors, should strive to get more fruits and vegetables in their systems; our bodies need them to keep us healthy!

Seniors also tend to have problems with dehydration. We should all attempt to drink enough fluids, especially water.   Adequate liquid amounts can help prevent dizziness and fatigue.  Malnutrition and dehydration can be prevented with the right information and care.

2.    They are at risk of falling.

Seniors with serious balance problems or those who have had a stroke or event where their balance is off could have a hard time moving smoothly through their homes.  Falling is very scary and may happen frequently and unexpectedly.  Even dizziness can cause someone to fall.   Falling prevention involves, using a cane, a walker and making sure walking paths are clear. Keep these tips in mind, because spending time in the hospital to recover from a fall wouldn’t be much fun!

3.    Taking Medication on Time with the Right Dose

Most seniors better manage and recall their medications when following a schedule. Remembering to take this pill at breakfast or this pill at 2:30 can be difficult for many seniors. Not taking the right dosage can cause problems like dizziness, heart palpitations, sleeplessness or worse.  Medication management is very scary and dangerous for those with memory issues.  Some individuals might forget what pills to take, how many, or even where they put their pills.  It’s good practice to utilize pill boxes and reminders from family members, or by writing notes, to make certain all medications taken correctly

4.  Once Friends pass away Seniors may feel Depression

It is sad for seniors when their friends or relatives pass away. Even though some of them may have the company of their children, it is still sad to be the only one left and these feelings may lead to depression.  Studies have shown that people with friends at an old age do much better than those who have lost many of their friends. Human interaction will always be better than the sounds for a TV or radio.  Human interaction keeps individuals actively engaged, verses passively listening.  Depression should be monitored in seniors.  To ward off depression try to keep seniors engaged in interesting activities and engaged in conversations with families and friends.

5.  They Stop Wanting to Exercise

Many seniors stop exercising because they feel like they cannot make any positive changes for their well-being. This is unfortunate because exercise helps seniors increase circulation, obtain restful sleep and a better appetite.  Exercise becomes a lower priority because doing it is more challenging as we age, and maintaining an active life style becomes more difficult with muscle aches and stiffness. Help seniors become more active and incorporate an exercise program by getting an aide to support and encourage them.

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