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Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Peanut butter is a favorite food in the United States.  That is if you don’t have a peanut allergy!

In 2021, reported that the average person in the US consumes 7.9 pounds of peanut butter in a year.  That makes us a top consumer!

You have probably enjoyed peanut butter in a sandwich with your favorite jelly.  Perhaps you have dipped apples into peanut butter for a snack.

No matter how you use peanut butter there are good nutrients to be gained.  You need to watch out for brands that use a lot of sugar, vegetable oil and trans fats but with the right brand you get good nutritional benefits.

Peanut butter contains protein, some fiber, vitamin E, niacin, manganese, vitamin B6 and magnesium.  Most peanut butters are also vegan.  Check your labels. 

Additionally, you can use peanut butter in so many more ways than just in a sandwich.  Try adding it to your smoothie.  Spread it on wheat toast for breakfast with some bananas.  Look for dinner recipes that use peanut butter. 

For a treat you could even bake a batch of peanut butter cookies and enjoy them with a nice cup of milk.

For those with nut allergies there are some alternatives.  Almond butter is easy to find and there are also walnut and macadamia butters although these might be harder to find.

Private Home Health Care loves the creamy peanut butter but you may prefer a natural or crunchy type.  Whatever the case, try and add some peanut butter to your diet.  Moderation is a good philosophy and peanut butter is a good choice.

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