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What does peace mean to you?

Does it mean freedom from quarrels and disagreement?  Does it mean the absence of war?

Here in the United States we live overall in peaceful times.  Things are not perfect but we are not currently experiencing major conflicts or war.  

There however, are parts of this world that are not as fortunate as we are.  These countries are not experiencing peace but the polar opposite, war.

In the news you hear about the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine.  These two countries are in the midst of horrific wars. Additionally, if you investigate a bit deeper you see that there is also serious conflict and unrest in Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Armenia and Azerbaijan.

These countries are all very far away from peace.  Should everyone not have peace in their lives?

What can you and I do to help promote peace?

Can we try and promote peace in our workplaces and neighborhoods?

Are we able to join groups that provide assistance to those nations in conflict?

Could we pray or meditate for our world that the opposing sides in war can come to an agreement to bring peace to their people?

Private Home Health Care is very pensive today.  It is distressing to think about the many conflicts in our world.  We hope that everyone can help promote peace and that all countries in our world will fully embrace peace.

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