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Do you ever feel like you have a lot of clutter where you live?

A new year can be a time to try and get a bit more organized.  The weather is cold and you are often inside so you might find it’s the perfect setting.

Paperwork can accumulate fast.  Review the rules for how long you need to keep important papers like bank and credit card statements. Go through other papers and decide if you still feel they are needed.  Any sensitive papers should be shredded. 

This should be done over a period of time because it’s hard to accomplish in one day. You can start with one room and decide if there is anything you don’t need anymore.  Donate items to a local thrift store or shelter.  Then move on to the next room.

If you need guidance there are resources.  “Good Housekeeping, first published in 1885, can be helpful.  Amazon also lists titles like “Better Home and Gardens”, “Real Simple” and “HGTV Magazine.”  Check the television for shows and if you need motivation you could try watching TED Talks.

Private Home Health Care hopes that you can get a bit more organized if you feel it’s needed.  It’s on our list for 2022!

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