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National Trails Day

Tomorrow is set aside by the American Hiking Society for National Trails Day.  The day is to bring together people of all ages that love the outdoors.  It’s also to honor those who preserve and maintain hiking trails for everyone.

A bit of historical information.  In 1968, Lyndon B Johnson signed the Trails Act which dedicated a specific set of trails across the US for recreation and tourism.  From that was born the American Hiking Society who formed in 1976.  

It wasn’t until 1988 however when the National Park Service and the American Hiking Society joined forces to review trail-based issues and make recommendations of trails that would be good for Americans.  There is currently a set of 11 National scenic trails within the National Trails System.  Here is a link that gives locations and descriptions of the scenic trails:

The trails are for hiking but they are also great for bird watching, biking or canoeing trips.  There are many local trails too if you are looking to have a hike or walk through nature.  You might notice a downy woodpecker, a variety of birds or even turtles in a pond.  Trails are for everyone and they range from easy to challenging so it’s up to you to choose. 

Private Home Health Care hopes that you can find some time this summer to go out and enjoy the great outdoors.  Find a trail and have a leisurely walk or a hike.  There are some national trails in central Massachusetts that you might want to check out. 

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