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National Personal Chef Day Pt 2

National Personal Chef Day Pt 2

Today, July 16th, celebrates National Personal Chef Day and recognizes the dedication and hard work of personal chefs across the United States. There is a difference between a personal chef and a private chef. A private chef usually works exclusively for one client and typically lives in a person’s home or on the property. A personal chef may have clients, run their own business, or work for a company.

The services a personal chef provides may include preparing meals in the clients’ homes or delivering meals already prepared. They may also create a meal plan according to dietary needs or the clients’ preference. Clients then follow instructions provided by the chef for heating the meals. Some personal chefs offer catering services as well.

A personal chef service provides stress-free meals prepared to your specifications in your home. Your kitchen is left spotless with a refrigerator full of delicious meals. Having your own personal chef is not an out-of-reach luxury. A personal chef service can cost you less than eating out at a moderately priced restaurant.

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