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National Patient Advocacy Day

Navigating our healthcare system can be tricky and stressful.  A patient advocate is someone who can help you take away your stress.

Patient advocacy started in the 1950’s.  It grew in the 1970’s and took off in the 2000’s.  Today the role has an important place in helping to improve hospital and community-based healthcare results.

You may have received a health diagnosis that is overwhelming.  You might feel scared.  A patient advocate is available to aid you.  The advocate can help you communicate with your doctor.  There could be issues you run into with your insurance company. You could need help setting up screenings or tests.  These are the roles of a patient advocate.

Your advocate could be part of a hospital or healthcare facility.  Likewise, your private health care provider can act as your advocate.  Basically, if you have a chronic illness, multiple illnesses or a life threatening illness, a patient advocate can be a great voice for you.  

You may find the title for a patient advocate may vary.  The title could be Health advocate, Care manager, Case manager, Medical Advocate or Patient liaison.  You can ask questions to make sure you get the right person to assist you.

Private Home Health Care knows how important patient advocacy is in today’s healthcare environment.  We encourage you to reach out for any assistance you may need.

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