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National Nurses Day


You can find a nurse in a doctor’s office or administering a test at a hospital.  You might also find them at a patient’s side during a birth.  Look in any school and you’ll find a nurse dealing with scrapes, fevers and these days, Covid testing.  A nurse is also a person  providing round the clock home health care for those in need. 

It takes dedication and commitment to becoming a nurse and they are in many different health care facilities.

A nurse needs schooling of either two or four years.  They must also pass a test administered by the National Council by the State Boards of Nursing.  Once a nurse passes the test they apply for a license.  Each year there are continuing education units (CEUs) needed to keep licenses up-to-date.

A few interesting facts about nurses:

4-5 miles – walked by a nurse in a given day

#4 – ranking of nurse practitioners in the 2019 list of 25 Best Jobs

19 million – the number of nurses in the world

41% – the number of nurses working in hospitals

Private Home Health Care hopes on National Nurses Day you can find time to thank a nurse or give a gift card to a nurse.  You might also take time to learn about Florence Nightingale who is considered the pioneer of nursing.

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