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National Hummingbird Day

Have you seen any hummingbirds around your house lately?  The summer is the time of year for these tiny little birds so be on the lookout.  They are fascinating.

Tomorrow is National Hummingbird Day so the perfect time to share some information.

You can find over 300 species of hummingbirds in the world.  They have been around North and South America since the 16th century.

Hummingbirds are the smallest type of bird (I bet you could have guessed that) and thus they have the smallest egg.  Their eggs are only a half inch long, so smaller than a jelly bean.

I think you might find it interesting to learn that hummingbirds do not have a sense of smell.  Their eyesight on the other hand is phenomenal.

When hummingbirds fly they do figure eights.  This is what helps them hover over flowers while they enjoy their nectar.  They have also been known to feed on insects.

Have you ever noticed a little hummingbird walk or hop?  I think not because their feet are too small, however they do use them  to scratch or preen.

Last fact, a hummingbird flaps its wings between 10 and 80 times per second! Wow!

What can you do tomorrow on National Hummingbird Day?

  • Look for a flower garden with lots of buds.  Spend some time and hopefully you’ll get a nice surprise.
  • Do you have a hummingbird conservatory near you?  Plan a visit.
  • See if you can learn more about these interesting and smallest of birds.

Private Home Health Care knows that hummingbirds love the nectar of the Rose of Sharon trees and bushes.  We love to watch and enjoy the hummingbirds as they drink.  We hope you get the chance to enjoy them too.


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