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November is a month to honor all those who care for people in their homes or in their local communities.  The nurses, home care aids, therapists and social workers number in the millions.

It is estimated that each day, 10,000 people in America turn 65.  As you age that could turn into a lot of care as time goes on.  

You may know someone who is in need of care now.  If the person is still in their house and living on their own, home care is often the best choice.  Your home is where your heart is.  You know your surroundings and you are comfortable.  It is a place where you have thrived.  A home care aid can come in and help you with whatever you need.  

We have found that you can heal better in your own home.  This can ease fears and can provide comfort to you and your loved ones.

Private Home Health Care knows that during this month you and I have many things to be thankful for. Try and take some time to show your appreciation for any home health care aids, nurses and others who help with home and hospice care.  There is a lot of caring going around.

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