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National Heart Month

Today kicks off National Heart Month, #NationalHeartMonth.

National Heart Month focuses on heart disease and what each of us can do to combat this prevalent disease.

Your heart is an important part of your body, emotionally and physically.  All of us can be at risk for heart disease or stroke but there are actions we can take to lower the risk.

Many of us have sedentary jobs and in addition, we feel unable to find the time to exercise. If we factor in obesity and smoking this raises the risk.

You and I all are able to lower the risk factors by changing our lifestyles, even if it’s only a little.

  • Find time to exercise.  Walking more is a great and easy, low-cost exercise.
  • Eat healthier.  Eat more leafy greens, lean meats and less fast food.
  • Quit smoking.  There are many places that can help you.
  • Reduce your stress.  This can be hard but again, there are resources to help.

Even those of us that appear not to be at risk can be susceptible.  Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills Football team is an example.

On January 2, 2023 Damar had a heart attack in the middle of a NFL football game.  He is 24 years old and was very fortunate to have great medical services available to him and to have survived.

Because of this, Damar has partnered with The American Heart Association on a challenge.  It is called the #3forHeart CPR Challenge.  

Damar first received CPR on the playing field and he knows how important it is for you to be trained.  You never know when you will be needed so it’s best to be prepared.  You can learn the details at Damar Hamlin’s #3forHeart CPR Challenge | American Heart Association.

Private Home Health Care will be focusing on the heart this month and are so happy that Damar has become a spokesperson for The American Heart Association.

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