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National Health Education Month

National Health Education Month

October 19-23rd is National Health Education Week. At Private Home Care, we are passionate about health education and promoting wellness. We are proud to incorporate health education in caregiving, as well as via social media and hosting community events and lectures. The purpose of National Health Education Week is to improve the health status of people, communities, and the nation. Healthcare professionals and educators work to strengthen the quality of life for all individuals and reduce premature deaths and disabilities. Health education specifically focuses on prevention, which is a major factor for reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Private Home Care loves to educate about nutrition and healthy diets. We cannot overstate the importance of a healthy diet. All disease starts with inflammation, and a healthy diet such as the Mediterranean Diet can help decrease inflammation in the body. Exercising regularly is also vital for health, and PHC has provided community education about tai chi, particularly for benefits that it can provide seniors, like fall and injury prevention.

Created in 1995, National Health Education Week has worked to raise awareness of the importance of health education specialists and their contribution to consumer wellness as well as educate the next generation of students. People in this profession provide knowledge, skills, and training to complement health providers, policy makers, human resource personnel, educators, and other professionals that impact human wellness. Without this subject being taught by education specialists, members of omitted communities may be negatively affected. Private Home Care believes that everyone has the right to wellness and a healthy life. Living a healthy lifestyle increases the likelihood of living a long, high quality life. We are proud to have held public events for the community about subjects like healthy aging and brain health to spread awareness and help encourage people to make healthy choices.

The three main goals of National Health Education Week are:

-To train and educate the public on health issues and where to access information.

-To increase awareness of health education and health literacy across the country and empower individuals to get involved in their personal care.

-To provide support and resources for health education specialists and other health education professionals.

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