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National Emergency Services Week

For 48 years we have recognized the third week in May as National Emergency Services (EMS) week.  Back in 1974 President Gerald Ford first observed the week to honor those professionals who work each day to save others’ lives.

EMS workers are first responders, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics.  These men and women are trained to have quick reactions and good decision-making skills.  

They study emergency medical and paramedic technology.  They get a post secondary degree and they must be certified in CPR.  EMS workers must have state licensure and an NREMT certificate (National Registry of Emergency Technicians).

Emergency responders can be found everywhere, from rural communities to big cities.  They must be ready at any time to apply their knowledge in critical and life-saving situations.

This week, we hope you can thank a first responder that may have helped you.  Try sharing stories on social media using #NationalEMSWeek. 

Private Home Health Care sends a heartfelt thank you this week to all Emergency Services workers we know.

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