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National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Tomorrow is National Eat Your Vegetables Day.  Another reminder about how important vegetables are to our healthy bodies.

Do you ever recall hearing your mother or father say, “Eat your vegetables” during dinner ? At this point in my life my childhood was quite a while ago but I have vivid memories of hearing these words at our dinner table growing up.

It turns out that knowledge of how important vegetables are to you and I has been around for many years yet how many of us actually meet the recommended guidelines?

The US government recommends a minimum of three to five fruits and vegetables each day.  

At a recent talk on osteoporosis it was mentioned that we should really have nine helpings of ½ cup to one cup of fruits and vegetables each day.

You have so many different types of vegetables to choose from in this country.  There are a lot that you can have either raw or cooked too.

Additionally, they contain vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and even fiber.  All good things for our bodies and the wide variety gives us so many options.   

Private Home Health Care has spoken about the benefits of vegetables, and fruits, before and while we don’t want to nag, we do want to celebrate these national days when they occur.  We love for you to have a healthy diet no matter your age. 


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