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National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Do you think there are a lot of children who have heard a parent say to them “Eat your vegetables, they are good for you!”  I, for one, definitely heard that at the dinner table.

Today is the day to check out all of the wonderful and delicious vegetables available to eat.  Vegetables are so healthy for you and the summertime is an especially great time to get them fresh.  Check out the many farmer’s markets in your area. Remember, a variety of colorful vegetables is a great beginning.

The recommended daily intakes of vegetables (and fruits) is 2 to 4 cups depending on your age and sex.  Most Americans have a hard time eating this much but there are good health reasons to try.

The top ten reasons for eating more vegetables according to are:

Fights inflammation

Improves blood pressure

Gives you more fiber

Better eye health

Improves skin

Reduces risk of heart disease

Helps maintain blood sugar levels

Reduce the risk of cancer

Keeps your brain young

Improves immune health

To learn more details on the health benefits visit the eating well website.

Private Home Health Care loves to shop farmer’s markets and get fresh potatoes, peppers, green beans, kale and much, much more.  You can check online for recipes on any vegetable you’d like to try. 

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