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National Creme Brûlée Day

What?  Are we blogging about a food that is not a healthy superfood today?  Yes, we are.  We are writing about this sumptuous, delicious dessert because there are times when you just need to indulge yourself.

An interesting fact about creme brulee is that it’s not actually clear if this dish originated in France even though the name means Burnt Cream!  There are definitely French recipes for Creme Brulee however there are both British and Spanish versions that have existed for centuries.

In England you could eat a Trinity Burnt Cream reportedly, but not confirmed for certain, created by a young student at Trinity College in Cambridge.  In Spain, there is a dish called Crema Catalana.  The word is that this was created before Creme Brulee however it is not baked in water as is the tradition in France.  It is also mainly served on Saint Joseph’s Day in March.

You can visit restaurants in your area and try to sample the different kinds of this dessert and decide which one you prefer.  Today is the day to celebrate the delicious custard base with a caramelized sugar top by finding one to sample or by trying to make your own. 

Here is what looks to be an easy recipe from Julia Childs.  Yes I did say easy because there are not too many ingredients and you don’t need to use a blow torch for the caramelized top!

Private Home Health Care wants you to try this version of Julia Child’s recipe ( 

Bon Appetit!

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