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National Boss’s Day

National Boss’s Day

Today, October 16th, is National Boss’s Day. This is a day where we recognize hard working bosses in the workplace and all that they do overseeing the workplace. It is a chance to celebrate the people who keep us gainfully employed, and have shown kindness and fairness every day to help employees succeed.

An open letter to our company President and boss, Mary Demakes:

Dear Mary,

Happy National Boss’s Day! We recognize and respect all of the hard work you do every single day (24/7!) running and maintaining Private Home Care. We are very grateful for all of the opportunities that you provide. As a boss and very successful business owner, we recognize that you wear many different hats. You have incredible energy and passion that shine through – whether it is taking care to tuck in an extra blanket when caregiving for clients, asking how an employee’s weekend went, running community education events about healthy aging and nutrition, or throwing a fabulous Christmas get together, you always manage to do so with a smile and positivity.

You consistently make sure to lead with kindness and fairness, which employees are always grateful for. It is that kind of precedence that makes a great boss and helps encourage employees to continue Private Home Care’s mission of providing the absolute best caregiving as well as developing professionally. We would like to all say a big collective ‘thank you’ to Mary for being a wonderful boss who inspires our team to pursue the highest quality of caregiving, as well as inspiring us as individuals through kindness, professionalism, and healthy living.

With gratitude, best wishes and warm regards,

-The Private Home Care Team

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