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National Best Friends Day

Today on June 8 it’s Best Friends Day. You connect with a best friend and no matter how much time passes between visits, the friendship remains.  A best friend can help you celebrate happy times in our lives and he or she can help support you through the difficult times of divorce, loss of a job or a death.  

The day was actually started back in 1935 by the US Congress who wanted to promote one day a year to close friendships.  It was so popular that it became something celebrated in different areas of the world.  Over the years it lost some of its popularity but social media has begun to change that and it’s picking up speed.

Is your best friend your partner?  Is it someone you met in school or summer camp? Maybe it’s your favorite pet?  Touch base today with your best friend or friends and let them know you care.  Share a photo or a friendship story on social media using #NationalBestFriendsDay or #BestFriendForever.

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