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National Bath Safety Month

As you age, bathing can become a problem.  You might have trouble getting into a bath tub. Would a shower or a bath be better for you when you are elderly?

There seem to be good points to each but overall the thinking is that if your shower is set up safely that has more positives than having a bath.

A shower is easier for you to get in and out of, especially if your entry is at the same level as the floor.  You don’t need to lift your legs over the sides of a tub and stay steady.

Add safety handrails. Plumbers need to install some but there are also some with strong suction cups that you could add.  You need to make sure handrails are placed at a spot for you to to reach should you slip.

A shower door over a sliding door is recommended.  Sliding doors can be alot to manage and they can move if you grab on to them.

Inside the shower you can get a rubber mat for the floor and it is also recommended that there is a seat for you in case you get tired or if you need support. 

Be sure too that the mat you use when you leave the shower has a rubber base and does not move.

If you love your baths don’t feel that you have to eliminate the. There are positive things about baths too.  For example, they have bathtubs with doors that allow you to walk straight in.

A bath can be relaxing for your muscles and joints and can help moisturize your skin.  You might also feel that you can sleep well after a nice warm bath.

Private Home Health Care understands that as we age normal tasks can get difficult.  Be sure to ask for help if you need it but also look into what is the most safe option for you.  We want you to stay as healthy as possible.

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