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Tomorrow is National Milk Day.  Why should you drink milk? 

According to verywell, milk has many nutrients and vitamins to help us as we age.  There is some fat but there’s also 8 grams of protein and all the essential amino acids needed.

Milk also provides calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, riboflavin and vitamin B12.  Vitamin D and calcium help with bone strength to help fight against osteoporosis.  Our US milk is also fortified with vitamin D.

“A 2013 study of elderly women (ages 70-85) found those who consumed 2.2 daily servings of milk, yogurt and cheese had improved body composition compared to those who ate 1.5 or fewer a day.” (Check the website to reference the study.) 

Whether you like whole, 2%, 1%, skim, almond or soy milk you are guaranteed to get lots of nutrients to nurture your body.  

Private Home Health Care hopes that you enjoy milk tomorrow whether it’s by the glass or added to oatmeal or your favorite cereal.

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