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Men’s Health Week

The week leading up to Father’s Day is Men’s Health Week.  A week to highlight preventable health problems and to encourage boys and men to take charge of their health by working with a health professional.

According to a report by the CDC in 2001, women are 33% more likely to visit with a doctor than men.  The problem there is that if you aren’t being seen by a health professional for screenings it puts you at a greater risk for health problems.  Men die at higher rates than women from the top causes of death:

Heart disease



Prostate cancer

Lung cancer

Are you men taught to be tough so you don’t feel vulnerable?  Do you skip doctor’s appointments or wait to see a doctor until you are older?  How can you be screened for cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar tests?  These can be indicators of heart disease.  Heart disease is known to start in men 10 years earlier than women so it’s important to get tested.

During this week if you are a man, reach out to a doctor or find a health clinic to begin the discussion about your health.  If you are a woman with a man in your life (husband, brother, father, son) talk to them about their health.  Let them know you care and share some of the facts.  

Private Home Health Care also wants you to know that this Friday is Wear BLUE Day.  By wearing blue it tells the men in your life that you care about their health. You want them to live a healthy lifestyle for them and for you!

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