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Louisa May Alcott’s Birthday

Louisa May Alcott is a famous author from the 19th century.  Her most well known book has been read by generations of women and it’s a book that you can read more than once.

That book is titled Little Women, a book written in 1868.  Have you read it?   

Louisa was born on November 29, 1832 and she led an interesting life.  She was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Her parents were religious and believed in children enjoying their learning.

She started early with reading and writing, mostly through homeschooling. Did you know that along with learning from her parents, Louisa was also schooled by Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathanial Hawthorne.  Pretty impressive.

While she was growing up her family ran into financial difficulties.  Louisa was forced to work and because of this she began to write.  This helped her financially and emotionally.

Additionally, Louisa worked as a nurse during the Civil War and actually contracted typhoid fever. She wrote the Hospital Sketches based on her experiences as a patient and as a nurse.  It was written under the name A.M. Barnard.  This book was read by both adults and children.

In 1868, her publisher asked her to write a book for young women.  Having grown up in a family of four girls with some trials and tribulations, she had the perfect setting.  Her women were strong heroines, not typical of that time.

As an adult, Louisa was part of the suffragist movement and she wrote for publications that focused on women’s vote.  

Louisa adopted her niece and moved to Boston where she suffered from various illnesses.  She continued to write additional stories from Little Women until she died at the young age of 56 years old.

Private Home Health Care has very fond memories of the book Little Women.  If you have not read it yet, give it a try.  It’s a wonderful book.

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