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Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day

Tuesday, November 14th is Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day.  It’s a day for you to try and live stress free, if only for a little while.

Life can bring you ups and downs.  You are entering the season where there can be additional stressors with Thanksgiving and the holidays in December.

On Tuesday, do your best to focus on each moment in your life. Work on not planning far ahead.  If you make a list, have one goal then set it aside.

Give yourself permission to take a break.  Take a walk, have coffee with a friend, read a book.  Do something that you will enjoy.

Is your family at school?  You might use that time.  Is there a time between clients or patients?  What about quiet time at the senior center or your nursing home?  

This day is meant to relax you for as much time as possible.   It doesn’t need to be all day.  Find what works for you.

You could try meditation or yoga!  Meditation has been around for centuries.  Those people long ago and today who meditate must be on to something.

Stress can upset our minds and hurt our bodies.  The older we get the harder it can be to relax.  We have more ailments and it may be harder for us day-to-day.  

Use this day tomorrow to forget it all and have some fun.  Do some exercises, even if they have to be done using a chair.  There are no wrong answers if you can find time to let it all go for a while.

Private Home Health Care knows how stressful life can be at times.  Try to find a way “loosen and lighten up and enjoy some relaxation! 🙂

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