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Lecture at Girdler House

Lecture at Girdler House

It was a delight for Mary Demakes, director of Private Home Health Care, to give a lecture on mini-memory testing, Alzheimers, brain health, and heart health. The information Mary gave on the testing can be beneficial to all elders to make sure their memory is intact. It is important to be knowledgable on how to improve your overall health. In reverence of heart month, Private Home Care wanted to take the initiative to lecture on living a healthful life. Thelma, on the far right side of the presented photo, is living in the Girdler House at 103 years old. Which is not surprising; she eats a Mediterranean diet and exercises every day!  14 women inhabit in Girdler House along with three health aids and the director, Kathleen A. MacNeill. The Girdler House provides a safe, welcoming and beautiful environment for elder women. For 126 years, the house has allowed residents independence with assistance and assurance to their loved ones they are well taken care of. It’s important to Private Home Care to make sure elders in need have the right information to set them up for a healthy lifestyle.

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