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Kindness and Well Being

Kindness and Well Being

Kindness: good for your mind, good for your body! Make sure to be kind to yourself!

Practicing kindness is beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Many physical and mental health conditions are caused or aggravated by stress, and kindness reduces stress.

When you are in a positive mood from practicing kindness, your blood pressure is lower, your immune system is stronger, and it can even reduce your ability to feel pain.

When you practice acts of kindness, it releases hormones that improve your mood and well being! It is so effective that it is being formally incorporated into types of psychotherapy.

Kindness is most beneficial when it is a regular practice – you become more aware of it, and it becomes a habit, which may inspire others to be more kind as well. When you share kindness you have no idea how far the ripple will go.

Private Home Care encourages everyone to add more kindness to your life – to others and yourself!

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