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It’s Halloween!

Private Home Health Care would like to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!

It has become such a popular holiday with candy, costumes, decorations and celebrations in the United States costing a little over $10 billion dollars!

According to, the day began as a Celtic festival of Samhain (SaH-win).  Bonfires were lit and costumes were worn.  The people wanted to keep away ghosts. Samhain was seen as a time that the physical world and the spiritual world barriers would be broken down.

Fast forward hundreds of years to the 1950’s.  That’s the time that the holiday started to center around children and giving out treats.  

Today children dress up and celebrate in school and by trick-or-treating in neighborhoods.  There’s usually a contest to see who can collect the most candy.  We know a lot of grown-ups who like to dress up and celebrate the holiday too.  It’s fun for everyone!

Question:  when you were growing up, were you someone who ate their candy quickly or did you save it so you could have it for a month or so?

We hope you all have a hauntingly fun Halloween!  Enjoy!

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