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International Day of Light

Tomorrow is the International Day of Light.  You may wonder what this day is all about?

The sponsors say it is to promote an awareness for the appreciation of light.  Likewise, light plays a part in science, art and education and it has many natural benefits.

If you look up the definition for light it says, “something that makes vision possible.”  It also mentions electromagnetic radiation and another is “a particular illumination.”

All of these definitions are accurate.  Light truly helps you and I view and understand the world around us.

Light in the form of the sun can lift our feelings.  After many cloudy days you begin to miss that shining ball in the sky because there is not much light.  When the light comes back we can feel an almost immediate turnaround.

Additionally, light is not just the sun.  Other forms of light include gamma rays, infrared ways, ultraviolet light and gamma rays.  Our understanding of light has led us to scientific discoveries and technological progress.  Many uses we take for granted.

  • Lights are in our homes and offices.
  • UV lights treat certain illnesses and eliminate bacteria and viruses from the air and water.
  • We transmit information by using the light found in optical fiber networks.
  • We stay safe with headlights in our cars and traffic lights in our towns and cities.

As you can see we have learned a lot about light.  We must however continue to learn more so that we can make progress in our use in the future.

Private Home Health Care hopes you have a chance to share something involving light tomorrow.  You can watch great videos online that talk about the science of light.  You can also look around and find the sources of light in your world.


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