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Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans

This Veterans Day, on November 11 2019, we pay respects to veterans of the United States Armed Forces. At Private Home Care, we salute the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. We have the honor of working with veterans of previous generations, and we understand that it is now our turn to care for them. As we reflect upon their duty to our country, we appreciate their sacrifices and those of their families to keep us safe. 

A helpful way to recognize a veteran’s service, as recommended by, is to ask them about their past. Instead of just thanking them for their service, inquire as to what their role was in the military, why they chose the branch they did, who their closest friends in the military were, and to share any of their favorite stories from their service. For some veterans, “thank you for your service” may sound hollow due to its widespread use, so taking time to listen and validate their service can show a deeper appreciation. 

It is important to acknowledge battle wounds, both visible and not. For seniors veterans, a busted knee from an ambush operation decades ago may turn into a physical health constraint in their advanced years. For others who may be experiencing alzheimers or dementia, studies cited in the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health indicate that past battle stress may increase risk of these conditions in senior veterans. This is all the more reason to inquire about their service in the US Armed Forces. Not only is it a point of pride, but recalling the past helps with memory and cognition for those with alzheimers, dementia, or similar conditions.  

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