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Healthy Habits

The American Heart Association is a great resource with a wealth of information for ways to help keep our hearts healthy.  The Covid pandemic has caused a lot of stress over these past two years so the AHA recommends three areas for a healthier lifestyle.

Stress Management

The AHA is calling it “Claiming Me Time”.  Finding gratitude in your life, breathing techniques for stressful times, enjoy a moment in the great outdoors or at a minimum look for a nice, calming view out your window.  

Staying Active

Finding ways to do exercise routines.  Many Council of Aging organizations offer online or in-person exercise options for all ages.  Also look for meditation options.  There are books on meditation and lots of online resources too.

Healthy Diets

Remember that old expression, “you are what you eat”?  It turns out it’s true!  It’s important to take the time to look at recipes and menus that promote healthy hearts.  Private Home Health Care posted blogs earlier this month with details so check those out. 

Private Home Health care respects the American Heart Association.  Check out the AHA website to learn more information (  They have videos you can watch too!  

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