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Health Benefits of Going to the Beach!

Health Benefits of Going to the Beach!

Private Home Care loves to enjoy the beach any time of year – going for a walk on the beach in fair weather, collecting shells, or even just driving to the beach and watching the waves while sitting in your car are year-round ways that you can enjoy the coast.

There are health benefits of going to the beach!

Stress Relief – Nothing is more relaxing than taking in a beautiful beach view! Listening to the sound of the waves is also very calming both because of the rhythmic sounds and our brain’s association with it as a non-threatening environment. Watching a beautiful beach sunset or sunrise is particularly helpful for stress relief! Being in an environment that promotes stress relief helps to lower blood pressure, as well as improve mood and overall well being.

Vitamin D – Spending just 10 minutes at the beach can help you get the recommended daily value of Vitamin D for the day! Vitamin D is an important nutrient but is difficult to get a sufficient amount through your diet, so it is important to get a little sunshine at a great place like the beach! Vitamin D promotes stronger bones, healthier teeth, and helping your immune system function properly. It is important to remember that a little bit of sunshine can go a long way. Always practice beach sun safety, even in cold weather!

Improves sleep – The sea air is stocked with healthy negative ions, which accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. This effect, in addition to the relaxing qualities of the beach, leads to better sleeps!

Heals wounds – The saltwater of the ocean has antibacterial properties and helps to clean cuts and help them heal faster! It may sting at first going into the salt ocean with an open cut, but it’s worth it because it will heal better!

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