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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Private Home Health Care. Did you know that there are many health benefits of love?

  1. Increases positive emotions. Love releases feel-good chemicals in the brain such as oxytocin and dopamine. Love feels great – people love to love!
  2. Better immune system – Humans are wired to form close relationships and bonds, and when that doesn’t happen biological systems can get overwhelmed. 
  3. Less depression and substance abuse – social isolation is linked to depression and substance abuse, and having a loving relationship reduces that.
  4. Lower blood pressure – studies have found that happily married people have the best blood pressure.
  5. Less anxiety – Having strong social supports helps ease anxiety.
  6. Natural pain control – studies have found that ‘kissing a booboo’ actually helps, touch from loved ones reduces levels of perceived pain.
  7. Faster healing – A study at Ohio State gave participants blister wounds and found that the wounds of those happily married healed twice as fast!
  8. Better self care – Couples encourage each other to take care of themselves, eat better, go to the doctor and look after their own well being.
  9. Longer Life – People tend to live longer because they feel happier and connected.
  10. Happier Life – A study in the Journal of Family Psychology found that happiness depends more on the quality of family relationships and not on the level of income.

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