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Happy Labor Day!

Private Home Health Care wants to wish everyone a happy and relaxing Labor Day!

Did you know that labor activists started the Labor Day celebrations?  Labor activists started it to recognize the contributions made by the American worker to America’s strength, prosperity and well-being.

The first celebration was organized by the Central Labor Union in New York City and there was a huge parade.  Imagine the crowds and celebration 140 years ago on September 5, 1882.  

Labor Day started to become law with individual states starting with Oregon in 1887.  Consequently, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey followed suit.  More and more states added the holiday so Congress finally made a law to designate the day as a national holiday.

President Grover Cleveland signed Labor Day into law as an official holiday on June 28, 1894.  We’ve been celebrating for the past 128 years.  We hope you enjoy your day.

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