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Grateful Patient Day

At some point in our lives, you and I have been a patient of someone in the medical industry.  Today is set aside for us to show our gratitude to those people.

As a child, you likely had doctor’s visits to make sure you were growing.  If you had a baby the care came from nurses, doctors or midwives.  A medical issue or moving into assisted living or a nursing home involves many different medical people. 

We are grateful . . .

For the medical professionals who have dedicated themselves to helping people.  

We are also grateful to the family members and care-givers that provide life-giving care.  

We can show appreciation by . . .

Are you seeing a caregiver today?  If so, say thank you to them.  Show your appreciation in that simple way.  You may have a story to share.  Is there a doctor or nurse who helped you?  Share your story on social media or with a friend or family member.  

It turns out that if we are grateful it can help us too.  Being grateful can bring us hope. Gratitude and stories shared can also be inspirational.  Would you like to honor and inspire someone today?  

I know a woman who is extremely grateful for the doctors and nurses who helped her. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2000.  She had surgery, then chemotherapy.  

Her surgical doctor and then the doctor’s and nurses who cared for her during her treatments were phenomenal.  She overcame the cancer and is now 22 years cancer free.  She is very grateful for all of those life-saving people!

Private Home Health Care strives to provide excellent health care to our clients.  We also know that there are courageous patients who are grateful to be alive.  We are grateful for them!   


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