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Grab Some Nuts Day

Welcome to the beginning of August.  Where has the summer gone??

On Wednesday, August 3 it is Grab Some Nuts Day.  We at Private Home Health Care have spoken about the health benefits of different nuts.  The benefits are plentiful.

The celebration on Grab Some Nuts Day is the day to promote the eating of all things nutty!  A handful can give you lots of nutrients and minerals.

Do you like almonds?  Cashews?  Walnuts?  Pistachios?  Peanuts? Nuts come in plain, salted, lightly salted, roasted or seasoned.  Do you have a preference?

If you are able to get the nuts you enjoy, try adding them to your daily diet.  A handful can give you protein, vitamins, minerals potassium and iron to list a few.

True Nuts

  • Almonds – gives you a huge amount of nutrients and protein.
  • Cashews – has healthy fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, and a small amount of protein.  You should eat these in smaller quantities.
  • Walnuts – your primary benefit is Vitamin E and melatonin.  These help to manage bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • Pistachios – you will find protein, fiber and antioxidants in these delicious nuts. A bonus is vitamin B6 and potassium

Legumes – these grow below the ground into a plant.

  • Peanuts – these help to lower your cholesterol levels and help with heart disease. Only the almond packs more protein than the peanut.  The U.S. enjoys 50% of its peanuts in the form of peanut butter!

Private Home Health Care loves all kinds of nuts and legumes.  We work these delicious snacks into our daily diet.  We hope you can too!

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