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Golfing for Your Health

Golf is a fun, leisurely pastime that millions enjoy all over the world. But did you know that the sport is very beneficial for your health? Golf is great for the mind and body (it is also Mary’s favorite hobby)!

Fosters Relationships – Golf is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Because golf is not a high intensity or competitive sport, there is plenty of opportunity for meeting new people and connecting with a community. There have even been studies showing that a large number of business deals are closed on the golf course!

Physical Activity – Sports improve your physical fitness. Golf is a moderately intense physical activity due to the walking, swinging, and carrying bags. What is great about golf is that you can tailor the amount of physical activity to your level of ability. You can use golf carts and caddies to fit your needs.

Heart Health – Any physical activity is good for your heart. Golf keeps your heart rate up for hours as you walk and play. This can help reduce the risk of heart disease and many other illnesses. 

Weight Loss – Playing golf burns calories! You can easily reach the 10,000 step a day recommendation for weight loss during a game of golf.

Low Injury – Golf is a low-impact activity and is easy on the joints. This is a great sport especially for more mature players because golf has a low risk of injury but still allows golfers to burn calories.

Time Spent Outdoors – Spending time outside is great for your health. Being surrounded by nature is known to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Exposure to sunlight lets the body soak up Vitamin D, which helps promote bone growth as well as reduce depression.

Brain Health – Golf requires focus and memory, and playing regularly can help prevent or reduce cognitive decline.   

Vision and Coordination – Players need to hone in on small objects far away, which helps exercise their vision. While swinging the club you work on your hand-eye coordination, and walking around on the gentle putting greens encourages balance and stability. 

Socialization – Human beings are social animals, and socializing with others is a mainstay to a healthy life! Regular golfers may have enhanced social connections, interpersonal skills and emotional control.

Private Home Care encourages you to come join us out on the putting greens!

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